Northeast Brazil, Natal ,Fortaleza, and more!!!

Back again from wonderful Brazil, and this time new areas to me. I went to the North East area covering a vast terrain of over 600 kms from Natal to Fortaleza and surrounding areas. I went thru Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport connecting to Natal and then by car on the road!!! wonderful all the way to Fortaleza and a bit more.  Official site for Tourim Brazil is here:

The tourist offices for main towns of Natal ,  and Fortaleza, site is down but here is good info for now:

The route started in Natal where I landed a the airport with LANTAM airline  (the new name for TAM airline)  stayed at the Holiday Express hotel by Ponta Negra beach area;

While moving around in the area by car, we ate at the wonderful Camaroés restaurant in Natal, recomm always of locals. shrimp is the name of the restaurant and you know why when you eat them here. Simply awesome in a bed of rice and cheese,

We then took a long road trip by car up towards the north, passing wonderful towns like Parapaiva, Aracati, Mossoro, etc.

One nice highlight of this trip is going to Canoa Quebrada, here we stayed at the Long Beach Hotel , great villa type place very quaint in a back road off the beach, this was tops:

Walking down Broadway towards the beach it is full of shops and restaurants, we stop of course at Café Habana bohemia, nice quaint and great shrimp cafe habana house dish.

We hit on Fortaleza a big city meaning Fortress, and there is one nice with canons looking at the sea,and now a military fort. Right around it you have the Passeio Publico or public park nice (see site with nice photos), and across the great Mercado Central or market with multi layered floors almost like a shopping center/Mall!! with the best prices in town, get some cashews the local favorites or Cajù. Next you have the wonderful Cathedral Metropolitana.

Paróquia São José, Catedral Metropolitana de Fortaleza

You have Le Cirque Amar circus that comes every year, nice event indeed, love them, can’t help putting it here: right next to great mall shopping Center Iguatemi:

Here in Fortaleza I stayed in the Comfort Hotel, central to all.

And we had a great lunch at Coco Bambù, another great seafood restaurant I love it. shrimp and fish cobia dishes were sublime indeed recommended by locals and now to you must eat here.

At Fortaleza Iracema beach, we were part of the celebration on the ousting of a President ! peaceful and very democratic an example to follow for many countries. Here we had our dinner with beers and fish dishes at Boteco Prai right next to the beach in the center of it all, great place must be there.

My last resting place lol!! can move here too, was at Praia de Langoinha or langoinha beach, a town by the beach, lovely. I stayed at the Vivamar Hotel right on the beach. We ate here too a combi of shrimp and fish cobia that was sublime while looking at the wonderful beach below us. The rooms face the sea too. Could not find a webpage for them so give you a reliable site with more info on it.

And I ended this wonderful trip flying out of Fortaleza airport  to Sao Paulo and then to Paris CDG. Taken the RER B train to gare du nord and then Metro line 4 to Montparnasse for the TGV train  home. A bit long but nice. See you next is my beloved Spain. Cheers

Canoa Quebrada Canoa Quebrada Canoa Quebrada Fortaleza Fortaleza Fortaleza Fortaleza Fortaleza Fortaleza Fortaleza Fortaleza Fortaleza Fortaleza Fortaleza Fortaleza Natal Natal Natal

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  1. It sounds really wonderful. One of my dreams is to go on a trip down the Amazon. Maybe one day… 👍


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