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May 6, 2016

Another visit to Napoleonville or Pontivy ;inland Morbihan

 Pontivy  Pontivy  Pontivy

I have my day off as bridge or pont here due to the Holiday of Ascension so enjoy the ride into inland Morbihan. Pontivy for a while was called Napoleonville due to Napoleon I affinity for the town. Tourism is here :

One of my sons worked here for a while so we were in the area driving around and decided to pay a visit, my last post on record dates from April 2013!!! A return was a must.

We walk around the town reminicent of the places we have been, doing some shopping in bakery  Inside Intermarché supermarket ,  and drink in Le Rivoli bar cafe on Rue Nationale,

We walked along the river Blavet on the quai d’Arcole especially and came into city on the back of the Imperial Church of St Joseph (église Impériale de Saint Joseph); néo gothic from 1860, It was built while visiting by Napoléon III Under an imperial subvention, the crowning Arrow was not finished so square top on the belltower seen today. In our timing it was closed but it is open  every day from 14h to 19h except Tuesdays and dates of events.

We, then, walked over to the other one, Church or Basilica(since 1959)  of Our Lady of Joy (église  Basilique Notre Dame de la Joie) ,this is a nice one and again was open at Place Bourdonnay-du-Clézio . Built in the style neo gothic flamboyant,the statues of  Notre-Dame de la Joie, sculpture in a trunk of oak wood and of  Notre-Dame de la Délivrance, revered by the pregnant women are two wonderful sights to see inside.

Nearby the latter one, you find a small Chapelle of Saint Ivy or congrégation of the chapel of St Ivy ;member artisians were many here since 1734; chapel rebuilt in 1776 and place at Place du Marché au Blé.  Completely restored from 1984-1989.

There is a very interesting monument by the Basilica ND dr la Joie,on the small park with a fountain. This is Le Monument de la Fédération Bretonne Angevin setup in 1896 here in honor of the volunteers of 1790 who fought for the French Republic  with the motto, « Ni Bretons, ni Angevins, mais Français. » or Not Breton, Not Angevins, but French.

We came back home to relax as tomorrow is another weekend, and Sunday I am leaving for Brazil for a week of work. Stay tune. Enjoy your weekend !!!

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