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May 2, 2016

The beers of Brittany or Sir Lancelot

I had my day off today and took advantage to visit a brewery in near my area. My colleague at work used to work there and always told me about it , so decided to take a look this afternoon. Of course, the beers have been tasted before in bars in the region, but this time we were going to the source. The city page in French as what is to see is here :

I am talking about Brasserie Lancelot (Brewery Lancelot) in Le Roc Saint André, industrial park of La Mine d’Or. The official site is in French only,

It is about 63 kms from me along the N24 and then D724, D4 to just before entering the town of Le Roc Saint André on your left hand side there is a turn  name Parc Artesanal La Mine, turn here and go all the way to the end, the brewery is there.

they do about 16 000 liters of beers per day with about 7 regular brands and some 3 annual event brands. They were expanding as we got there with truck delivery of two more fermenting tanks of 4000 liters each. It is a boutique brewery all natural Breton products from the region and very popular here.

The add-ons are all natural from the hops to the orge cereals to their own  thin sugar pérvea. The have about 30 employees so far,and still run by the founders. The brewery was founded in 1990 and started developing beers right away until 2002 they went into cola soda making with the regional brand Breizh Cola already with a 15% market share in the region of Brittany!

You have the Cervoise Lancelot 6% volume alcohol, on yeast not filtered and aromatise with 7 plants. The bottle label design was done by Carmelo de la Pinta, a painter from Pont Aven.  The first beer of the brewery back in 1990.

Duchesse Anne 7,5% blonde in honor of Duchesse Anne of Brittany and twice queen of France.  La Lancelot, 6% golden color . La Blanche Hermine, white beer, 4%, carries the emblematic animal symbol of Brittany(Ermine) , done with peel of orange and coriander to give a fruity flavor. Bonnets Rouge 5,5% with baies de sureau ;red color malted fruity, and name after the local farmers revolts in 1675 against the king for high taxation. Lancelot Premium and Pils 4.8% blonde with high fermentation for the premium and low fermentation for the Pils. The Duchesse Anne Triple Hops 7,5% with flavors of citrics and pure malt and extra houblon on the method call  “Dry hopping”.  And the Lancelot Grand Cru, 7,5% triple for the 25th anniversary of the brewery.  The beer is pure malt, not filtered , non pasteurise and triple fermentation.

You have Bio beers such as one of the oldest in the brewery the Telenn Du 4.5% using sarrasin black wheat of Brittany like the one used to make the galettes! La Morgane 5,5% blonde and more feminine; from the leyend of the fairy of the isle of Avalon, other world of the  Celts. La Nuit Blanche 4,5% and La Nuit Blonde 5,5% both coming from the area of Dinan in Côtes d’Armor department 22 of Brittany.

Seasonal beers such as the XI.I Samhain, 11,1% a beer to celebrate the Celtic new year as Nov 1st was the first day of the year for the Celts and was honor day of the living and then Nov 2nd was t he day of the dead, many Irish came to the USA  in the 1840’s and on, and continue the tradition becoming the All Holy’s Eve and later Halloween from Oct 31st!  The Duchesse Anne d’Automme 7,5% with chataignes ! The Duchesse Anne de Nôel; 8% is a red beer done for Christmas.

Their beers are not imported and not enough production to be distributed all over France, so if want to taste need to come to Brittany and well Worth it.  A site to share all Breton beers in French is here:

Enjoy it!


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