My travels in the Morbihan, XXII

Another weekend arrived and this a bit longer as have off Monday and again Friday of next week !! yes!

We had to do some errands but as always in our beautiful new area of France, we took off into the coastal towns of the Morbihan breton.  We visited the Oyster breeding grounds of Belz, nearby us at Grand Champ, and Locmaria-Grand Champ; we went around our town of Pluvigner on areas not yet visited! such as Bieuzy Lanvaux , we went over to Séné city center and see the construction on the tunnel Under the gulf of Morbihan to replace the still bridge there, and finally passed by the small airport of Vannes in the community of Monterblanc.

Another wonderful day trip from home by car.  At Belz ,we went to get our local oysters and mussels right on the ria of pont Lorois, parc de Navihan. This is how the living is here, glorious with great fresh food, we had them right away with an excellentn Riesling kitterlé 2011 of Domaine Schlumberger of Alsace.  The place to get them is here:,33,169.html

We came back along the D9/D22 back towards Auray and then the D779 towards Grand Champ, a town I passed everyday to work, and here we went to see the new renovated area behind the Church and the nicely done Chapelle Notre Dame de Perpétuel Secours ( Our Lady of Perpetual Help). Built in 1898 right in city center .

We continue on towards the Locmaria which always see the panel but never had gone that way, now it was the time! Nice annex town of Locmaria-Grand Champ, with modern city center around the Church Sainte Marie (Saint Mary), again the tourist office only in French, here:

And the great Halles or market in just across, done very modern and with activity on Thursdays :

Then, we passed by our town, two very important places ::) passing them always on the way home and why not stop by, the Bar Les Templiers (tabac) and the Bar de la Forêt along the intersection of roads D779 and D16 in the village part of Pluvigner but call Bieuzy Lanvaux.  The bar de la Forêt is closed with new owners and name call Nul Bar Ailleurs, and the bar Les Templiers closed. Now just for the memories.

I went again to see something new in my town the chapelle and now retirement home of Notre Dame de Fatima; nicely managed by the father and sisters of the congregation coopératives of Christ the King Under the teachings of St Ignatius of  Loyola; their site in French is here:

Interesting indeed, right next door. Now we went to Séné, very well known for its ethnological park but a quaint city center as well; and the opportunity to ride the bridge of Kérino over the Gulf of Morbihan before the tunnel comes in. Handle by the city of Vannes info here;

Once in city center Séné, we went for some breads and sodas at the Boulangerie Tardif right across from the Church in 22, place de l’église.  Very nice service and yummy for the go.  The Church of Saint Patern was just across. The Church was built between  1878 and 1886.  The belltower is a bit truncated at 50 meters and a lot of granite stone in construction of Gothic and Roman traces. Some tourist info in French,

The city page of Séné is here, also, in French with more on the before mentioned natural reserve :

We had to come back to Vannes for the last shopping part, material for more improvement in our house, and I got my itch to visit the small airport of Vannes!!! actually in the village of Monterblanc. The first flight was done here in 1920 and the airport officially open in 1926. Now it is own by the Vannes Agglo a metropole of many towns form together to share government ideas expenses, revenues etc. You can have flight classes here and skydiving on the aeroclub. charter flights and general aviation. The main page of the airport is :

And it was time fully loaded to come home for the day. Tomorrow is Sunday, have a great one and enjoy the trip as well. Cheers!!

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