Inland Morbihan :Elven and Trédion

Well here I am again after some errands around the house and for the house, this morning went out for lunch and a ride with my new car into inland Morbihan. Elven wrote before here in October 2011 and Trédion is new ! So much to see just in my backyard.

I have change car ,really no big deal, the very old road warrior just gave in after 241K+ kms about 150K miles and looking ahead for long driving trips this summer, decided it was time to change. Another Ford of course, a Kuga or Escape and looking forward to the available Mustangs in France now, just saw one,gorgeous!

Going back to the visits, the tourist office is here in French, ; for more and others in English here:

At Elven , we came back for a look at the fortress tower of Largoët, built in the 13-16C and residence of the Lords of Largoët,and most notable here lived  Jean IV de Rieux, tutor of the duchess Anne of Brittany(and queen of France twice!only one).  Great site here but in French,

tourist office in English here:—les-tours-delven

You have a beautiful simple Church of  Saint-Alban, rebuilt in the 17C and again in the 19C, it still hold the roman choir of the original Church, see the mechanical clock and replica in wood of Church. and the pretty  Chapelle of Sainte Anne built in 1902. Both of them in the Catholic site in French,

We got our breads here at the Boulangerie Le Texier at the place de l’église in city center, very nice good breads even some with chorizos Inside yummy!!!

And of course, before moving on, a collegue had recommended a restaurant here Under new management took the card and went for it, amazingly, he was walking his town city center and we met by chance in front of the resto wow! It does happened often to find your work friends on the Streets just to show you this is country at its best.

The place Le Lion d’Or Hotel et Restaurant at 5 place Adrien le Franc, Elven, just across from the place de l’église and the Church. Their site is still Under construction so I will give you the city page in French,

This is a very nice surprise, friendly home grown owner service, nice spacious room slightly decorated not overdone, and the food to kill for. Menus from 15,19,and 28 euros, we took the 19euros menu. Several dishes but mine were terrine de canard or terrine of duck with cutup pickles and salad; then dish of magret de canard or duck breast with potatoes and cooked vegetables, all down with the local beer Duchesse Anne from Lancelot , 2 breton beers. The dessert was a tiramisu breton with caramel. all for 28.80€ per person, a bit pricey for a country restaurant but this is Worth it;we will be back.

Well fed we move on after seeing a sign for a castle at Trédion; seen the name before but we so much to do and see overpassed it several times;this time we were there.  Again tourism in French here,

The castle was an old residence of the Dukes of Brittany,built in 1350 . We did not spend much time in the gardens but are nice indeed and the interior was given a local tour as the castle is used for weddings, events etc.  You can rent the 26 apartments managed  by RCI, a timeshare company. It is own by Guy Turpin since 1977. So is not really a castle to see Inside, many modern facilities are there now.  The castle page is here ;

The main areas in the garden to look at are the Clos du Roy  (The King’s field) a French style garden. The Jardin de curé (The priest’s garden) , traditional garden.  The Jardin des druides  (The druids’ garden); fontains, bridge of secrets, chalices, the Druid’s tree, the fine gold standing stone in the middle of 3 cascading ponds, etc. ,and the Jardin des Korrigans  (The Korrigans garden) and the legend of the hidden treasure.

Diagonally from the castle on a premontory you will see a simple Church of Saint Martin; you can use the same link above for the Church of Elven as both are in the same parrish. The Church was done from 1870-1873 and has a silver calice from the 16C, also the belltower was done in 1892. Just between the two the castle and the Church there is a small grotto of a Virgin with flower dedications very nice.

Enjoy the inland country of my Morbihan, Brittany (Morbihan is small sea in Breton ,not French word) Brittany in Breton language is Breizh, French is Bretagne.

Elven Elven Elven Elven Elven Elven Elven Elven Elven Elven Elven Elven Elven Elven Elven  Tredion  Tredion

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  1. Lovely as always. So much to do and see and so little time! Enjoy your new car. 👍

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