Perros Guirec in magical Côtes d’Armor in gorgeous Bretagne!

Last Saturday was hectic, with things to shop for the house in the morning that took a bit longer than expected and plans to visit this city, well tight. So we decided to rent a hotel for the night and go for the weekend to Perros Guirec. I have heard about it on French TV and my colleague at work is from here,so more reason to come and check it out.

Perros Guirec is a town in the departément 22 Côtes d’Armor in the region of Bretagne/Brittany/Breizh (breton language), the name means  Penn that means extremity end of the line and roz means a mount or promontory. It was called Penros in texts in  1198, 1267, 1453 ,and 1630, then  « Penros Quiroc » in the 16C,  « Penros Guirec » in 1516, « Perros » in 1592 ,and « Peros-Quirec » in 1779. The tourist office is here and the town webpage here ;

We came following the road D768 up towards Pontivy, then passed it to the N12 direction Lannion, taking the D767 direction Guingamp first then Lannion and past it get on the D788 to Perros Guirec. Easy 2h30 by car.

We came into town along the coastal bay and the Port harbor and take up the corniche road boulevard de la mer up to the upper town with breathtaking views of the ocean. You past the Port Miniature a small kiddie boat ride on a lake, the webpage from the tourist office ,   and the Musée de l’Histoire et des Traditions de Bretagne (a wax museum), webpage here :

We arrive in city center and immediately struck by the historical monuments such as the Church of Saint James (St Jacques) in place de l’église.  The Church is built with blocks of granite rose ,the bells sits in a dome with a pyramidal tower from the 17C; Inside there is roman style nave with beautiful arches, and chapters telling the story of the old testament where Adam and Eve are present. The second part of the Church was done in the 14C and there are renovation up to 1951.  You have magnificent statues such as the « Christ aux outrages » near the door of the sacristy , end of the 15C early 16C. Another the  « Christ en croix »  that is under the transept in the middle dates from the 15C. There two others statue of the Virgin and of St John of recent work. The « Saint Jacques » in the altar retable from the 17C and  « Saint Guirec »  from the 18C about the same time as the  statue of  « Saint Yves »,  The « Saint Laurent », from the 16C, the   Sainte Catherine », with a crown head as a queen from the same time of the 16C. The  Pietà is damaged dates from the 16C ,the Saint Jean-Baptiste » on the wall end of the baptism chapel is from the 17C. Passing the central nave you see two stained glass of modern work on the right dedicated to Notre Dame and on the left to Saint Yves. webpage:

We move on a bit uptown to see the Chapelle de la Clarté or Clarity, another historical monument in town. The Chapelle has great traditions, the main one tell us that from the 15C a Sir de Barac’h fell off the islands of the Sept Îles with heavey fog the death of the marines seems inevitable. All on their knees praying they made a vow to the Virgin of Notre Dame, they will built a chapel if they are saved from the fog. The miracle was done and Sir Barac’h built the Chapelle de Notre Dame de la Clarté. It was done in the flamboyant breton style and it has a block in the entry porch with a representation of the Annonciation facing a pieta. The traditions continue today with the Tantad (pardon/repent), done on August 14st by 21h  and the most solemn act on August 15 . Some of the nice statues inside are from the 17C in polychrome wood such as The Virgin and the Child, Sainte Anne (patron saint of the Breton since 1914, mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus), and Saint Peter. Also , the evangelists Saint Matthieu, Saint Marc, Saint Luc, and Saint Jean(John) in the angle of the Ascension. On the windows in the main oak door you see the portraits of St John the Baptist, Saint Peter, the Virgin of the Annociation and Angel with the sceptre in hand, the Vigin and the Child, Saint Paul armed with a sword symbol of the power of God expressed by his letters. All wonderful. webpage :

The port marina is wonderful with classy boats and benches, including some on tour with the typical breton boat the Sant C’hireg webpage here; , and more info on the harbor (port) here

You can past across from the port on the side street a wonderful parc des sculptures Christian Gad and Daniel Chée or sculptures park with granite rose stone in statues of Breton significance. more here;

You can visit many beaches here, but our favorites  were the Plage de Trestrignel with free parking a seductive hilly road up the chemin de la messe, and the pointe du Château ;wonderful architecture in homes, and the Plage de Saint Guirec, with great shops, restos street parking and hôtels of beauty in nearby Ploumanac’h. There is Trestraou but in city center and bigger was not attractive to our tastes of a beach. webpage on beaches in France ;  ; and the area tourist office on the beach Trestrignel, , and St Guirec,

One thing, at the chemin de la messe you past a small park with a great view of the sea. This is the Square Per Jakez Hélias. Just in front lies at 80 meters of water the British naval vessel Charybdis, who perished with 800 sailors on board after been sunk by the nazis in October 23, 1943. It is a mémorial resting place at sea and the view from the square reminds you of them; RIP and thank you.

And last but not least, see the Sentier des Douaniers, you can go by car park for free and then walk along the cliffs of the coast with excellent views of the sea, its adjacent islands, and continue on the granite rose coast to Plouamanac’h. Superb!  This is a French site but gorgeous pictures :  ; the tourist office translates it into Coastal Footpath but its a lot better than just footpath me think;

Enjoy wonderful beautiful Perros Guirec, we know, we will be back.

Perros Guirec Perros Guirec Perros Guirec Perros Guirec Perros Guirec Perros Guirec Perros Guirec Perros Guirec Perros Guirec Perros Guirec Perros Guirec Perros Guirec Perros Guirec Perros Guirec

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  1. Thanks for this post there are only 4 survivors left we hope to return on 16MAY 2018

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