Some news from Bretagne, XXI

Is that time again to write about my Bretagne/Brittany/Breizh. Some of the wonderful things coming up in our region are:

The L’Echo Nova in Saint Avé is showing Odezenne + Samba de la Muerte, April 9 2016, more here

Same place on February 24th, you come to see “Trajectoires Musicales en Amerique Latine”.FREE event on the music trajectory in Latin America.

At the Declic  30 Allée Alfred Kastler, Vannes; you have many events coming up and don’t miss the faboulous collection of Aliester de Napthaléne and its world discoveries like shoes of the famous with some magic it last about an hour; wednesday June 15 at 15h or Saturday June 18 at 10h30 and 14h30; more here

Then, you go for something Celtic Breton at the Festival Breton in wintery Lorient, lasting until March 9,2016. Expos, stages, concerts, theater, breton parties, conférences, game compétitions, and gastronomy breton all on tap. More here,

The housing and decoration fair is coming back at Vannes ,Salon Habitat on February 27-29 and at Lorient 5-7 March 2016.  Then Quimper and Brest too. All you need to know to build,renovate, or decorate your house in France or elsewhere ideas. More here,

In Vannes, you will see the 15th edition of the European Cinema with the spot on the Balkans countries. From March 2 to 8 2016. See more than 25 films at the Cinéville Garenne and Parc Lann, the ones we go wonderful cinémas.  5,50€ admission great price, and more here;

Lovely Fête de la Bretagne Gouel Breizh from May 14-22 2016 with more than 150 events all over the region, and the world of the Bretons; more here and on contact for those happening when you are here.

Up in Saint Mâlo, you can go to the La Nouvelle Vague ,Rue des Arcadiens and see wonderful shows especially one for me; Janis the film by Amy Berg on Sunday April 3rd and the L’Age d’or du rock Californien (golden age of California rock)!

At the performing hall of Cap Caval in Penmarc’h  up in Finistére ,come to see on February 23, Lisa Simone, Jazz and Soul , see it. More here;

From March 25-27 2016 come see the Panoramas festival at Pays de Morlaix with Nina Kraviz, What so Not, Stand High Patrol, and others.  more and programming here;  and more on the organisers here

Over in Fougéres dept 35 you have a great showing on April 1 20h30 22€ admission for La Grande Sophie in the Centre Culturel Communitaire  Juliette Drouet, and who is Sophie well have a listening and reading here; her site:  ;and of course the venue is here

And over to Rennes, you can get a bit more modern at the 1988 Live Club at Pyms,27 Place du colombier,metro Charles de Gaulle, parking underground. See Lil Louis, the founding father of House + Ringard + Yann Polewka. Saturday April 27 from 00h to 06H0 admission from 15-20-25€.  More here

Near me in Lanester, see the Festival Insolent 2016 going on Saturday April 16 at the Lorient parc des expos. Come to see the Panda Dub live band and many others. YOu can go on bus 31,34,and 40 but there is no night bus back so ready to spent the entire evening or come with a car.

Back up to Brest, you can enjoy at the La Caréne, the show by ARNO on March 12.  Peace from WWI, a great show, more here ,

And for the economic and political incline you can come to our French American institute or the Institut Franco-Américaine at 7 quai Chateaubriand in Rennes and see the presentation on “Economic Relations between France and the USA” March 22 at 18h30; more here:

Enjoy Brittany or la Bretagne or Breizh.


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