Nantes is a short trip for shopping and sights!

We are at about 1h30 by car easy on the N165 to Nantes and it is my main airport to get out of Brittany. We have been to the city but, just for a lazy Saturday after doing the revision or checkup on my car in the morning very little time after that so we headed for nearby Nantes. Especifically , at Atlantis Shopping Center mall in nearby Saint Herblain.

The official link webpage is

Easy does it you follow the panel for Atlantis once on the beltway road N444 direction Nantes Atlantique airport,and once go around one traffic circle you find yourselves in the front entrance to the parking of Atlantis.  Very nice underground parking huge and always full, need some turns to find your space. The lanes are with small panels that tells you how many spaces are available and once on the Inside lane there is poles with lights hanging telling you where the space open is. Green light space is available, Red not available ,and Blue is for disabled impaired folks.

You find your Entrée either side of Ikea or side of E Leclerc and go in by escalator stairs two up and two down to the main floor or 1FL (call here street level or rez-de-chaussée) ,then the 2FL is mostly restaurants. There are borne with maps and plenty of benches with restaurants all over.

We like to browse the IKEA store here for ideas and some good deals on kitchen utensils or dining room décorations; it is very modern looking with an Arrow on the floor telling you the direction of the trip Inside by different sections of merchandise. You have here table fittings, service etc; bedding bedroom accessories, mattresses and springs, bathroom accessories, carpets, go around the house what do you need section with all kinds of modular combination for creativity lighting section, candles and mirrors, garden decoration and green plants. First floor you have living room furniture and accessories, storage items, office furniture, kitchen furniture and accessories, dining rooms, bedrooms, secondary spaces and armories/closets, and a section for the little ones with their bedding, etc accessories, section on books and travel. Restaurant and cafe are here.,2403/maison,2412/ikea,42.html

OF course the E Leclerc is a huge hypermarché grocery store here with all imaginable ameneties and products for the home, electronics, small appliances, clothing, textiles, shoes, you name it, its our favorite supermarket for non food items as the rest we buy from farms nearby.,2403/e-leclerc,81.html

We of course, saw to our great surprise the new Burger King here. Ok so been from Florida, my boys grew up with BK who are base in Florida USA. So now coming more and more to France with a huge increase after July 2016 taken over another brand into Burger Kings, this is great to have it at least 1h30 from our home; we could not resist. It is well signage to get up here and the resto is quite large for fast food, there is borne machines to pre order and regular line. We always take the pre order route and here there is another section to come , you wait and a host will call you to come for your order pickup; then another host will help you find a table !! As said ,226 seating places , a children playground and a terrace!  Of course double whopper with onion rings and coca cola!!! then all sort of other stuff for the rest drinks sundaes, galore and we were out with 9,80€ per person and the memories of Florida !!!  Great and quick.,2404/restauration-rapide,2415/burger-king,404.html

Then , to top off it all we have our great ice cream from Haagen Dazs, another old home favorite.As the site confirm the creams are all made in France near Arras Nord and so doing for the 20 years here. Great history and great product anywhere .we had many over time from the specialities combination for 10,30€ to the two scoops for 5,90 to the Three scoops for 7,50€ all good and of course nice coffees.,168.html

We did move around the common stores, like my boys went to the Micromedia video store. We did our shopping in Nocibé the perfum store; we took a look at Desigual, Jules, and Quarter Back, as well as Armand Thiery, San Marina shoes, and Yves Rocher. I ,also, look at my Coyote, a road security service that works like a gps and anti speed radar thingy here now call Road Security. It is on my phone ::)

The Shopping Center is open Mondays to Saturdays from 8h30 to 21h ;the stores open at 9h30, restaurants open for lunch and dinner and those in the Cupola opens until 22h30;Ikea opens at 10h. In all you have 157 stores, 28 restaurants and two cinémas, and two banks ATM Inside. By car in the area take the périphérique Ouest exits 32 (porte d’atlantis)  and 33(porte d’Armor). By public transport from Nantes take the Tramway line 1 Direction François Mitterrand to stop at  Station Schœlcher or Station Tourmaline(better), and by bus lines  73, 84, and 93 with stops at Jacques Cartier, Dumont d’Urville, and Océane; respectively.

A nice shopping outing afternoon in lovely Nantes region. Cheers

Nantes Nantes Nantes Nantes Nantes Nantes Nantes Nantes Nantes Nantes Nantes Nantes


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  1. Perfect for a cold and wet day!

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