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February 6, 2016

Some news from France, XCXVIIII

Here I am again on a rainy Saturday in Brittany and heavy winds sometimes up in Finistére as much as 120 KPH (about 74 MPH). However, having past by magical Paris again, got some new things to do in the lovely city.

Festival We Love Green with music,art, food, and nature will be held June 4 and 5 2016 at the Bois de Vincennes, tickets at FNAC and official event site. Many new artists and singers will be there so a chance to connect with new vibes in a nice area.  For performers go to Line-Up and for tickets go to tickets in the link here:

A bit out from Paris but shuttle navette bus service, and becoming more popular is the One Nation Paris Outlet mall  near my old home in Les Clayes-sous-Bois dept 78.  There are sales until February 16 for additional 30-70% off outlet prices! All and I mean all the leading brands are there. Several places in Paris ,one the Opéra and from Versailles by 1 rue de Réservoirs on the right of palace; this is for the navette bus.

The great Circus d’Hiver Bouglione Paris is having a new show call RIRE or laugh. You get there by metro Filles du Calvaire/Oberkampf,/République, and bus lines 20,56,65,and95. More in English here,

See the opera spectacle ETOILES at the EléphantPaname, until May 29 2016. With the couple stars of the Opéra de Paris, Clairemarie Osta and Nicolas Le Riche. Admission is 7-9€, You get there on RER Auber, and metro closes is Opéra (150 m), then  Madeleine, Quatre-Septembre or Chaussée d’Antin : more in French here;

And you want more circus then until 17 April you can come to the La Villette with the Circus see all the action on the trapeze, high jumping, jongle, magic, and clowns with Zampanos, Circus of Vietnam, and others, see it even in English here ;

Let’s talk some real estate for the curious and want to know kinda of folks.  As I get asked these questions a lot, and Paris is always evolving ,changing, improving itself (yes it does).  Some numbers first courtesy of The average rent in France is 624€, and this will get you only a 15 m2 in Paris (for those in feet this is about 161 ft2), or 41 m2 in Marseille or even 75 m2 in Saint-Etienne. The average rent in Paris is 1014€ with charges included, and this falls to 884€ in the petite couronne or small crown around Paris, and 760€ in the Grand Banlieu or greater metro area that can go to Versailles. The average rental lodging in France is 47 m2 (about 452 ft2).

The up and coming arrondissement 12éme is coming along as the new student lodging quarters as the new university campus Sorbonne-Nouvelle-Paris 3 build at the corner of rue Picpus and avenue de Saint-Mandé will help push this district up. Still figure that this area gets about 6800 to 8500 euros per square meter!! Lower end by Dugommier and porte de Charenton,and higher end between Saint-Mandé and Faidherbe-Chaligny.  Next comes the 19 arrondissement with the new upper classes moving in ;prices already up 160% since the early 90’S. The area seen as best for investors is the 20 arrondissement, with an average price per square meter of 6300€ with variations from a high of 8000€ on the rue Achilles to about 6600€ bordering the pére lachaise. Good rental prices makes it Worth it to invest with about 600€ for a Studio apartment.

More to see, is the Musée des Arts Forains, 53 avenue des Terroirs de France (just back of Bercy Village) with attractions of woodend horses, zeppelins/montgolfières éléphants many attractions from the end of the 19C, and showing how these fairs were held in Europe from 1850 to 1950. More here

See the Cinémathéque Française de Paris at 51 rue de Bercy, showcasing the American film genre Scorsese New York, all until February 14. More here:

See Roland Shon until February 13th on La Ligne A at the Le Mouffetard théatre des arts de la marionnette, 73 rue Mouffetard. Who is Roland Shon, see it here:  ;and the theater show in French here :

And more festival at different spots in Paris happening on February 24 to the 29th, this is the Festival A Nous Paris Fireworks. Sites will be the Trianon, Trabendo, Badaboum,and Point Ephémère. Great party ambiance with new artists just see Inigo Montoya, and more on the Festival here:

A wonderful exhibition call Dans les Mailles du Filet at the Musée national de la Marine, Palais de Chaillot (Trocadéro). This is until June 26 2016. Adults admission is 10€. Here you will see the story of the great codfish fishing faring men who sails out for days to catch the best of the sea for us! The fishing of the codfish in the waters of New Foundland, Labrador , Iceland and Greenland.  More here in French:

A naughty side of Dita, the great performer. She will be at the Crazy Horse Paris until March 30th;on the Dita’s Crazy show;this is Dita Von Teese celebrating her 65 yrs !!! more here

At the Théatre Bobino,14-20, rue de la Gaîté,Gaîté (line 13) , Edgar Quinet (Line 6);  until May 24th see TUTU dance, showing off to the world with méli mélo , the Chicos Mambo come to Paris for a new artistic creation. The group « Chicos Mambo » was founded about  20 yrs ago precisely in 1994 in Barcelona after the meeting of its current director Philippe Lafeuille  with two dancers one Spanish/catalan and other Venezuelan. More for the show tickets etc here:  ;and the theater site is here;

And last out of Paris, see this and help if you can. Wings for Life, Worldrun 2016 at Rouen on May 8 2016; but at other 31 locations in the world including one oldie near me Sunrise Florida;go Sunshine State!. More here in English;

Happy travels, stay good and see the world on a positive light, life is beautiful. Have a great weekend.



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