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January 27, 2016

One whole Jakarta Indonesia!

This is a vibrant city full of action day with traffic and night with the life. Life is beautiful in Jakarta. This is like my 7th time to the city in the last 4 years so I am impress! Well you need tourist info here ,

And of course for the country of Indonesia , it is here,

My flight here on Garuda Airline was from Surabaya Juanda airport , old fox there too ::) and the driver was on time !! This was on a Sunday afternoon so went straight to my hotel central ,another new property, the third one since coming here, and this one was the least I like….The Cosmo Amaroossa Hotel.  It was right in front of an overpass highway along the whole front even if told is in the chic district of Cilandak.

And other than the job to do , had a wonderful time going to eat at different places day and night , my favorite gourmet trip in any place.

My first sampler was at  the hotel Andromeda Cafe, ok with a nice mini garden in the back but again that wall of highway, the other was the Bell Lounge but it was dull no action nobody there lol!!!

Finally ,went out of town to eat! I went to Abuba steakhouse! right near the hotel in fact at Jl. Cipete Raya No. 14A, and here you can have your juicy Aussi style steaks with fries and a nice bintang beer!!! Some ratings if in Indonesian here;  , and the official site here,

The above is good and highly recommended.  I then had on another evening the wonderful Fish and Co. at the Town Square mall in Cilandak, this is your famous fish and chip dishes and I had the American fish and chip, huge chunck of fish indeed and with great company !!  This is the same critics site for reference,  ; and this is the official site ;

By the way the Town Square mall is the place to be in this area or Jakarta for that matter. It’s a marvelous open market all along the main hallway (its call Finders Fair)  ,few stores, but loads of restaurant choices… You can eat here at a different one for a whole month. You can find your restaurant here all in the comfort of nice temp control environment, chic area and good ambiance;they do concerts here too ,wow, something to be back for !!! webpage critics site:

I continue my gourment delights with trying the local Bakmi Golek, this is the typical Chinese Indonesian food place with a nice surrounding, and plenty of dishes choices.  The Nasi Goreng seafood special fried rice and some crab dish will get you going with juices and sodas; the critics site for it , ; and this is the official site with locations;

And I had a blast off my culinary exits in Jakarta with Mad Dogs, well this one came twice ::) Great place and a hanging out of the expats community here; friendly place, with good, affordable food, pool table, beer garden and sports on TV.  A good place to meet expat since it is a very popular hangout place, especially for American, Australian and British older expats .  Here, I had fish and chip and steaks with bintang beers of course. The critics site is here

And to close , went to something local at Tumbar Jinten in the nearby town of Sentul;here I  had some Sundanese cuisine. The restaurant if off the road, and a nice country setting with terrace and open tables or floor style tables. One description of this food is in wikipedia here  ,and a bit more on it on this critics place,

And it was time to head back home so took Garuda Airlines from Jakarta to Amsterdam and then HOP Air France to Nantes, then bus to the train station at Nantes and train back to Auray. A long trip but a nice experience. Enjoy Jakarta.

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