Guérande, the best salt of France and a lot more !

One trip from Paris perhaps or better nearer Nantes in Pays de la Loire region for now, just over an hour from my home sits Guérande, a fortified town and home of the Salt. I got there as usual by my own car, following the N165 direction Nantes and getting off at La Roche Bernard taking direction La Baule , Guérande on the road D774. The tourist office is here ,

As you entered the town you first see the wonderful ramparts encircling the town old city, impressive start; we got parking right in front of the ramparts for free on a Sunday, and just walk right in to the old town area , walking all over.

We stop at the store L’Œillet de Guérande for wonderful sel de Guérande or salt , and caramel milk salted and chocolate confiture salted, all wonderful as well as getting away with a salt pot for serving on the table the old fashion way !!! Right by the big collégiale Church St Aubin, the webpage is at

We continue walking along the ramparts wonderful feeling and quaint nice pretty Streets to get into the collégiale Church Saint Aubin, nice big Church nicely decorated. You can change into English but in French has more descriptions here by the tourist office,

We went across to the covered market or halles very nice indeed,  come in to the Les Halles (intra-muros) ,you have the fish on Wednesday, Fridays Saturdays and sundays morning and other products the wednesday and Saturdays; more here

You are still at the square or place St Aubin and looking at the covered market turn your eyes to the right and see the Chapelle Notre Dame de la Blanche , a chapel Church very nice and with lots of history as the treaty of peace between the dukedom of Brittany and the kingdom of France was signed here in 1381 thereabouts.

After doing some more walks and some nice homes like the maison de Poitiers from the 15C at rue de Piloti we came to the time to eat. I chose Créperie La Flambée at the wonderful quaint street of Rur de Saillé; and it was a winner, a place to come back to.  It has a building with wooden work of the biscuiterie LU of Nantes with a chimney from the 15C! All are local fresh products from local farms and the owner serves the table, nice friendly service , we were in the first floor (2nd Fl US) and you ring a bell to get service from below!!! magical on time! We had pizzas ,calzone,and rumsteak dishes with great desserts like mine cocomangue coconut ice cream with mango sorbet and merengue, a nice expresso coffee and all was drank with the local bottle of cider royal Guillevic a unique apple that the cider can only be made from. Great!

We past by the quaint musée de la poupee et du jouet ancien at  inside the chapel st Jean, and on the same street we purchase knives for oysters and mussels very nice and good value at Céladon 26 no webpage. At the end you see the ramparts again by the Porte Saillé.

Past the place du vieux marché and the rue de la Juiverie (jewish quarters). Wonderful Guérande and we will be back!

Guerande Guerande Guerande Guerande Guerande Guerande Guerande Guerande

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