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December 11, 2015

One more time in Bucharest !

This is becoming routine, coming to Bucharest that is. About 5 yrs ago, I had never visited the country ,and since then this is my 7th trip here. Always welcome.

My trip is easy going by AF from Nantes to Paris CDG to Bucharest Henri Coandâ airport. Once there, I take a taxi Meridien to my hotel. Only that it was not the usual Ramada one this time it was a Pullman by Accor.  This is the country tourist un official ; ; and here is the tourist office

The airport site is here,

Once there took my coupon off a machine for the taxi, and I always take the Meridian waiting for you outside or arrange ahead, site here ;

I got to my nice Pullman , this is my chain ACCOR of France, wonderful always anywhere. very nice big rooms bathrooms and plenty of restaurant from the nice chic Aspérge bar to the steakhouse Barbizon, and the breakfast brasserie Paris -Bucharest. Excellent service , prompt, nice, many amenities too much for me to use, as was in and out always. A great place to spend your day and across plenty of public transport buses and tramways in the World Trade Center area; site here

I spent 3 glorious nights here and went on to eat at the La Placinte Moldavian cuisine restaurant with a wooden tray of pork kebaks, potatoes, salad, and compote or drain fruit drink of red fruits sweet and nice down with Ursus local beer was excellent.  Very nicely decorated Inside and nice friendly service.  I went to the Str. Nicolae Caramfil nr. 49 property, here is the site;

Another time out of hotel I went to the La Iancu restaurant just outside Bucharest in Otopeni where the airport is located, but a nice town. The service was very nice, and the food with the big veal steak fries and beers Tuborg was nice indeed,

I had my usual walks around the Romexpo exhibition center , like here

and did my walk and drive up to the University Romano American by the romexpo area, this is a private school ;

Also, the impressive House of the Free Press, old communication palace,

Last, I stop by the Rin Airport Hotel for one night as leaving early and they have free included shuttle to the airport every 30 minutes , very nice and punctual.

And, a chance to pass by Paris again try CDG my second home ::) back in January for more exotic trips in Asia and now the Holidays are coming, and we still do not know where to go lol!

Enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend.

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