Some news from France, XCXVI

Another passing of wonderful Paris; nothing to report about security for me was same as ever. The people were all over, and in fact easier on the transports. I took metro line 6 to Bir Hakeim from Montparnasse plenty of folks but not full. Just happened that I was ticketed by the metro police for the first time ever, always a first time, got in on the side from Bd Grenelle and forgot to validate the ticket go figure , even the experts missed it; got a fine 33€ but I can claim it back as the door swing was not secured open on both sides when it should be open from the Inside only, go figure for security !!!

Anyway with friends went to check this out very nice, in Paris, La Régalade Saint Honoré, same as in Porte d’Orléans but in a more classic neighborhood. You have here from pork to fish to seafood, but the best is the farm pork or cochon fermier. They have a nice terrace and open every day from 12h-14h30 and 19h-22h30.  no webpage,  106, rue Saint Honoré,tel +33 (0) 1 42 21 92 40. Really good French real food.

I came by taking the TER train from Auray to Rennes and then the TGV from Rennes to Montparnasse, the return was straight to Auray by TGV. Really easy on all runs.

Something to come later on but keep the dates as they will go fast.  Adele is coming to perform Hello and other hits at the Accor Hôtels Arena 12éme, June 9-10 2016 , cost runs from 51€ to 128€. Sales go on from December 4th 2015 at 9h.

The gourmet festival is coming back to Paris for the second time at the Grand Palais, 18 chefs including Alain Ducasse, Guy Savoy, and Le Quellec, Sombardier amongst others; February 11 -14 2016, admission from 14€ more info here

The Château de Versailles is showing in the Galerie des Glaces an extravaganza in period costumes danse baroque, private concerts, and other theatrical visits in the Royal Apartments.  May 30 2016 from 135€ ; more info here

Also, June 25 23h30 or 11:30PM the Grand Masked Ball of Kamel, Under the theme Beauty and the Beast,

and the Louis XIV the Fire or Sun King, July 7,8,14,and 15 at 22h or 10PM, more here

And one of my favorite castles and most visited , is Vaux-le-Vicomte, still in private hands of the Vogue, something wonderful every year and this one unique, normally they do a giant Christmas tree in the Grand Salon, but this year in honor of the 400 anniversary of Nicolas Fouquet, it will be occupied by a giant Wheel of 14 meters high (Grande Roue) and on the rest of the rooms over 8000 Christmas décorations. At the village of Maincy (77 Seine et Marne) from December 12, you can get reduce tickets here ; and the castle site is here

The trip from Auray to Paris was nice, hope you enjoy the post. Cheers!

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