Some news from France, XCXIIII

Mid week blues and autumn is here with its cloudy darker days and rainy driving on the country roads of Brittany is exhuberant  like you are alone in the planet, eerie good feeling of independance. Oh well back to the real world; news and tidbits from my France

There is a movie documentary on Alain Cavalier, who knows Bartabas long ago, asked the famous Squire if he could shoot the training for his next show, in the company of his favourite horse, Le Caravage. Every day, filmmaker, equipped with a small camera, went to the fort of Aubervilliers, seat of the equestrian theatre Zingaro, with Bartabas, to record their sessions. The work of the riders to the routines with the rider through the care of the animal, Alain Cavalier misses nothing laborious daily which unites Bartabas to his horse.

And the best beer places were recently rank by Le Figaro , I will just post my favorite from the 10 or so they mentioned;  The Frog & Rosbif. 116, rue Saint-Denis (IIe). Tél.: 01 42 36 34 73. Tlj. A la Carte: 15-20 €. Beers (25 cl): 4,50 €.

The department stores of Paris are innovating, such as Printemps , now a new set of tablesetting at its brasserie restaurant on top; Terres de Café showcasing a new tasting sensation of coffees in the 3rd floor.(US 4th).  Fauchon is in the basement or street level serving a mister chou in chocolate. Marks & Spencer with a black boutique showcasing British products. The unmistakable illumination of the facade, as of 5 November, on the theme of the fairy spring . This creature, wearing a flowery and yellow bibi incandescent, illustrated in the 1920s a collector in the shop calendar. It purchased here in the windows as on the main wall, large luminescent (9 meters long).

The Galeries Lafayette, creating a 400 M2 space on beauty products, welcoming Victoria Beckham as well as a day of chocolate on November 20th with Alan Ducasse,  Pierre Hervé amongst others. New gallery on the first floor (2nd US) showcasing the American Alex Prager until January 23,2016 , 6th floor (7th US) will become a huge gift wrapping and souvenirs floor as well as Christmas décorations. Animations around the year-end holidays contest dressing table (Dec. 16), giant cooking classes with the chefsworkshop (26 Nov, 3, 10 and 17 Dec.) and  truffle market  (from 17 to 31 Dec.). Lafayette Gourmet.  The saga of Star Wars and a giant Disney store  and the store front with a cosmic showcases, an intergalactic giant FIR, an expo of helmets reviewed and corrected by street artists, a capsule collection of clothes inspired by the Jedi and the Force.

BHV Marais is not left behind, the blue Court persists and signs welcoming this winter kiosks gastro such as BGR (Burger Gourmand and Race), and, soon, a hut for tea time. The only, the unique English brand floral so take his quarters on the ground floor (since 18 Nov). Even the pastry of dreams set in the breathtaking Rotunda of the 3rd floor back his watch of hour-long, using every weekend brunch look Union Jack. You will not have the view on the River Thames, but the left bank perspective. And the inauguration of a winter roost. The Norwegian kitchen replaces the bruschetta, parasols, pleas and the windscreen heating fungi garlands of guinguette. Playlist, it is responsible for warming the atmosphere.

Le Bon Marché, after the fountain of youth‘s space  and the espace Souliers  and a comprehensive reorganization of La Grande Epicerie, the store continues its transformations by bringing natural light by the stained glass windows and other glass windowpanes, and inserting “l’art de vivre” to all floors, with a florist in the beam mode, beauty products or perfumes to the youth space creators.  Throughout the store, pieces of furniture and other objects join the collection of works of art that punctuate the spaces. Pierre Paulin was honored with an exhibition space home (1st. until 30 November). Reissues of the famous designer chairs are on sale in exclusive fabrics. Conversations at the bookstore, under the canopy, between writers and Laure Adler will resume next January.

And the venerable Samaritaine, awaiting the total transformation of the Department store of the rue de Rivoli, slowed down several years, is finally underway! A colossal construction, of three years minimum, which notably gives birth to shops, offices, a luxury hotel, babycare center and more. More info here

And to close , coming by my area, do see , taste and buy the Strawberries of Plougastel, simply the best. There is even a museum for them here. Started in 1992 as the museum of local heritage and later in 1997 to the museum of the heritage and the strawberry. Today, it has nine rooms of exposition in two floors showing the history of the Strawberry since the 18C to our days as well as the heritage of the peninsula of  Plougastel .

Have a great rest of the week. Cheers



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