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October 15, 2015

Carpi, one more time in Italy!

ok so after a long two years I was back by Carpi, in Modena region of Italy. This was a shorter trip just a couple days or what I call my touch and go trips lol!

As usually not, had to go to catch my TGV at Nantes train station so needed to drive from home almost 2 hrs. The TGV was nice and quick to Roissy CDG airport, from where took my AF flight to Bologna Marconi airport. There taxi shuttle to Carpi.

The train station in Nantes is right in city center not far from the castle of the dukes of Brittany (old region now in pays de la loire region);

You know from my rambling always go by CDG a nice airport that many do not undertand but I find it easy.

And arrival in Bologna airport is by now easy too, not a big airport but nicely done.

And my ride into town is by Mr G Auto Blu Noleggi, Via Ballona, 9/A – 46023 – Gonzaga – MN tel +39 339 3846496. Used him several times always nice and ponctuel at the right price cash better.

Upon arrival, went to hotel Carpi, my home away from home in the area, good for the fashion industry of which the area is well known.

Went out to a real restaurant as the hotel only offers breakfast and night snack bar, and just couple hundred meters there are a bunch of eating places. I remember the Roadhouse Grill steakhouse and went there, very nice decorated and well received. Even try my Italian lol! service was good the burger and miller genuine draft beer was good and needed. Nice place;

After a rest went out to do my duties and for lunch went to a very nice sportclub restaurant that was a delightful place of good cheers , great buffet food and main dish of tagliatini di porcini something like that !! and it was great with a good Le Focaie local red wine. The place is the Ristorante Sporting Club di Michele at

Came back at night for dinner but my local friends decided to try a beer place brewing their own and as the card machine was broken I end up paying with cash, always good to have cash euros you know! a great romano picante pizza and house beers plus coffee did the trick and the girls were the best looking  I have seen while in the area; I think they must have been models as it is a fashion area. The place was the Giustospirito of Carpi,

I really had no time to go into city center as the next day had to get back to the airport early; same reverse routine, taxi shuttle to G Marconi airport at Bologna, AF flight to CDG Paris, down to the SNCV TGV train service to Nantes , pickup my car and go home; a real European tour ::)

And now until next time as will be out for a week in another place another country dear to me; see you soon and happy travels.

Bologna  Carpi Carpi Carpi Carpi Carpi Carpi

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