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October 7, 2015

Some news from France , XCXIII

Now back in my area after a cloudy cool humid day at 14C or about 58F in lovely Brittany. Its time to tell you my ramblings about Paris and France.

The school is in and especially the Universities are in full swing so the Quartier Latin is humming. How to get connected on your WiFi’s ?  You can do it at AntiCafé Beaubourg 79 rue Quincampoix 3éme with tariffs of 4€ per hour  or Hubsy 41 rue Réaumur 3éme same prices.

More choices here , La Chambre aux Oiseaux 48 rue Bichat 10éme  and the Coffee Spoune 36 rue Saint-Sébastien ,11éme no webpage as well as Coworkshop 29 rue des Vinaigriers 10éme similar tariffs and on all discounts from 10-15% for students id.

Who said Paris is expensive, you have to follow the students !!! these have dishes for 10€,  this can happened at the Bouillon Belge 6 rue Planchat, 20éme  Tél.: 01 43 70 41 03), the Tribal Café 3 cour des Petites-Ecuries,10éme Tél.: 01 47 70 57 08) ,Cordonnerie 28 rue Greneta 2éme Tél: 01 40 28 95 35), pizzas slices at Al Taglio several addresses but one nice one at 20 rue du Dragon 4éme  Tél.: 09 66 89 14 72), the Pizza dei Cioppi  44 rue Trousseau 11éme  Tél.: 09 84 48 14 58),  the Chipotle 20 blvd Montmartre 2éme , Miznon 22 rue des Ecouffes, 4éme  Tél.: 01 44 78 01 89), Grillé 15 rue Saint-Augustin 2éme  Tél.: 01 42 96 10 64), Zarma 64 rue Jean-Baptiste-Pigalle 9éme. Easy to find their webpages me think. Some have just a Facebook page , but that is something else I do not post.

For a nice inexpensive happy hour go for ! La Tireuse 18 rue Laplace 5éme, or Charlie et sa biére à 2 balles 29 rue de Cotte, 12éme.   Go over to the area of  rue Jean-Pierre-Timbaud,by Oberkampf and get in on L’UFO, La Marquise, L’Orange Mécanique or the Le Onze Bar.  A bit later you can stop by the L’International 5-7 rue Moret and arrive to the morning hours in Le Nouveau Casino 109 rue Oberkampf.

And from there to dance the night away into the weee hours, need stamina it can be loong ::)

Le Virgo with électro scene every Fridays and with DJ at 34 rue du Départ , 14éme ,just around the corner from my old job site ! That is Montparnasse.

La Concrete each Sunday open 7h to 2h morning next at 69 Port de la Rapéen 12éme.

 Le Tunnel , on old stone quarries of chalk and scene of the Tunnel, new galleries are exploded with a second scene, at 5 chemin des Montquartiers, in nearby town of Issy-les-Moulineaux dept 92. get there on the metro line 12  Mairie d’Issy or RER C Gare d’Issy.

Le Faust, huge dancefloor and a LED ceiling! you can see great things here, at Pont Alexandre III, 7éme wonderful terrace Under the bridge,

L’Underclub a new one by the  Châtelet, club techno-house  that can pack 300 persons at 57 rue Quincampoix 4éme.

And one of my favorites of younger days is still there  on the roofstops of the fashion city or  Cité de la mode,the Wanderlust ,32 quai d’Austerlitz ,13éme, now still bringing the best of Paris youth that my boys enjoyed too from Wednesday to Saturdays evenings. Giant terrrace with drinks , night projections and music with DJ with house and techno until the wee hours.

Can’t leave without reminiscent of my Paris days at the Fête des Vendanges in Montmartre now going on from today October 7 thru the 11th. The great show is the Grand Défile  Saturday October 10th from 15h to 17h45 departing from the mayor’s office of the 18éme arrondissement to the place Saint-Pierre.

A bit of nostalgia and good old times still around the corner for those passing by Paris.

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