Some news from Bretagne, XVIII

Well just before the start of a crazy travel itinerary that will take me away, will leave you with my Brittany/Bretagne/Breizh and some amazing stones!!!

We have many sites name on the world heritage list by UNESCO and others less known, but in all, the region is dotted with many megaliths or stones from ancient times that we are still trying to find out about them.  2000 years before the pyramids of Egypt, or Stonehenge, or the writings in Mesopotamia, there was Brittany and its majestic stones.

You have ,of course, Carnac with more than 3000 stones perfectly align for about 4 kms forming four groups of stones, Ménec, Kermario and LeManio , Kerlescan and petit Ménec, web

and while at it visit the museum of prehistory in the city center or bourg there,

Right in Carnac , you have the site of  Kercado,here in the forest you have one of the most spectacular Dolmen and well preserve out and in, covered with a tumulus with a diameter of 30 meters (c 100 feet) and a high of 5 meters (c. 16.5 feet).

You go on away to the Tumulus de Moustoir, not complete but amazing, with  85 meters long and 35 meters wide and 5 meters high,you can see a dolmen on the west side and two tombs and a menhir around it.

A very famous one is the Tumulus of Gavrinis on a high hill in a island inside the Gulf of Morbihan. You see it as you approach by boat . A Dolmen of 29 pillars many decorated with geometric drawings. You can only visit from April 1 to September 30 by reserving at Telephone +33 (0) 2 97 57 19 38.  The traject includes a stop on the isle of  Er Lannic where you can see the double cromlech semi submerge in the sea on high tide which includes 40 menhirs. The boat contact is here

Cale de Pen-Lannic
56870 Larmor-Baden

Tél. +33 (0) 2 97 57 19 38

and more in French on the boat info

and tourist info in English;

Coming along to the tumulus of Petit Mont d’Arzon, located overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It has been enlarge and renovated for thousands of years , and in its interior you find a dolmen with a serie of big stones entirely decorated with motifs geometrics and figurines. Only guided visits from April to September.

The grouping of Locmariaquer, is about  10 kms from Carnac and considered one of the most complete site. You have the biggest in the world menhir cut in four pieces with 20 meters high and done 2000 years before those of Carnac. On the other side you can visit the  Túmulus de La Table des Marchands , and the Túmulus de Er Grah, whose interior has a nice decoration.You can visit all year round. Found the national monument site where others are too,but for Locmariaquer best in English;

The Arch of Kerzerho ,   with more than 1000 stones and one of the most complete in the area. You can see the ring  of various dolmens and the one the  Name Croch and the  Mane Braz, in addition to more alignments and a huge sacrificial stone. Free access.

Come along to the grouping of Kergonan, on the biggest island in the Gulf of Morbihan the ile aux Moines You have a group of 24 menhirs forming like a horse shoe and around it a small museum. The other is the Pen Hap, one of the best places to see the island with a running dolmen. The island Moines is monks but there was never monks here ::)

the ile aux moines tourism  here in French,

You reach the dolmen of Le Bignan, more inland away from the sea, includes a Tumulus of 30 meeters in diameter and on the interior you can visit the dolmen and a big menhir of nearly 7 meters high , as well as a second dolmen in deterioration of about 10 meters long. It is known locally as the “le trou des Chouans” or the hole of the chouans (the name given to counter revolutionary Breton against the French revolution, farmers really). Info found in French,

Lastly ,visit the tumulus de Larcuste, near the town of Colpo, there lies a grouping of two tumulus and in the interior it has been found other dolmen in a hallway type of setting in good state of conservation. Very near me, secluded in the fields ,need to read French;

Ok so what is a dolmen ,tumulus,menhir etc. ? Dolmen is a stone dalle pose on a square stone structure of what is considered to be a tomb. Tumulus is the stone that covers the dolmen in a funeral type setting tomb. menhir are the stones carved and standing tall.  You can find in English a lot more information on them at

Yes we have some amazing old ,interesting and culturally enriching places in Bretagne/Breizh/Brittany.  Cheers!


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  1. Wouldn’t you just love to know who put all those megaliths, dolmens, etc there? Fascinating history!


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