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September 7, 2015

Memorable Darmstadt, Germany

Ok we were on our last days thinking what to do in our homebase south of Trier Germany. So , I remember that several years back had a job assignment here where my French company send me and then visited several times. So why not bring the trail over and the family to visit Darmstadt! So we did.

Darmstadt is the Land Hesse region of Germany not far from Frankfurt, which is where I landed on the airport and then moved by taxi to the city. This time we came by car all the way from Trier.  Using only tourist maps and no GPS!!!

We left Trier on the B51 direction Saarburg,and then here took the 407 direction Hermeskell, where we change road number to 327 direction Morbach; here took 422 direction Idar Oberstein, and here took again 41 direction Gensingen.  At Gensingen, we took the expressway 61 to Grosheim and here took quick the 60 direction Mainz, connect with the 67 directioin Darmstadt where we came in on the 672, road 26 into the city at Rheinstrabe.

Return we took the same 26 out into the 672 and took the 5 direction Frankfurt ,we took the 66 outside Frankfurt and cut across left or west to Wiesbaden on theh 66,and then just south of Wiesbaden took the 683 south to Gensingen to connect with the 41 to Bad Kreuznach and here continue until connect Nohfelden and the 62 and go north towards Hermeskell  and the road 1,then 602 into Trier beltway on the B49. We park at the Luisencenter shopping center underground parking.

While in Darmstadt , we wall all over the city center, visited the Schlossmuseum , and the old theater look around as now houses the archives of the regional government. We saw the Orthodox Russian Church at Nikolaiweg 18. We stop by the Landesmuseum of natural history ; and pass by the football stadium where I had attended games back in 2004.!!

took a ride to the new theater ;http://https// ; and the Church of Saint Louis just by it. Which the church unfortunately only has a site in German,

And course ,beautiful statues, columns and fountains in city center, as well as stopping by Bormuth bakery for a delicious German pastries, pretzels etc with softdrinks for a thirsty afternoon before heading back. A nice stay and the family was curious of these places I have been lol!!! Finally,ending our summer vacation as once back in Trier ,the next day was the trip back home in Brittany, France.

Enjoy Darmstadt. And,have a great week.

Darmstadt Darmstadt Darmstadt Darmstadt Darmstadt Darmstadt Darmstadt Darmstadt Darmstadt Darmstadt

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