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September 6, 2015

And we came back again to Trier! Nice

Well many years ago we came to Luxembourg city during the Christmas season and hearing about the German side,decided to extend our driving and reach Trier. It was cold, very cold…. and nighttime came in quickly , pictures turn our hardly any good. But the experience was good.

We have come back to Trier afterward ,and this summer we rented a home with a winegrower just south of Trier. It was our point central and we came back to it several times during our stay. It has become our favorite German city,and we like it.

There is some buildings that are outside the tourist center that we wanted to check out , so we came by car as always, around the beltway along the river Saar and came in on the city way north around the football stadium so find parking on past the Porta Nigra. We then, went on our walking trail visiting some nice interesting new places.

The church of Saint Martin at Maarstraße 72,is a perfect example of a nice building left aside by many visitors.  Maybe because most of the information available is in German. ; Romanesque revival form built between 1912-1915 due to expanding population; and the belltower renovated in 1925, and the organ since 1931.

We continue our search for nice buildings usually these are old churches. We arrive at an old one, under renovation, Church of St Maximin, the Saint was born near Poitiers in France and was the fifth bishop of Trier, the Church is the former abbey of the imperial abbey. Today it is a gymnasium and events place but in bad condition, repairing was going on as we took photos. It was an important abbey in the Holy Roman Empire ,and after damages and renovations it was dissolved during the period of the French revolution.

And we reach the Church of St Paulinus, also under exterior renovations, but the inside is gorgeous and you can come in! As the St Maximin it was erected on a Roman cementary. By the end of the 4C the church was erected and by 400AD the remains of St Paulinus  were brought in. The church has gone through many renovations and fires and rebuilt again after 1674,then again another church from 1737-1757. The monastery is closed by 1794, and property sold by 1802 under the influence of the French revolution; the Pope Pie XII gives it the title of basilica minor in 1958. ; the interior is fascinating and richly decorated.

We moved our way walking and past by the simple cinema Broadway in Paulinustrabe. Moving rapidly, we went to passing the Church of St Paul at Paulusplatz, there is some news I gather the city was planning to close it,been the first ever case of a closure of a Church in Trier, but we took a peek inside for memories. And finally, we saw walking our tired feet around the  Church of St Irminen, a nice church monastery and retirement home with a nice bust of Willibrord the patron Saint of the city of Trier. Very old convent monastery and church,the latest part of the Church are from 1771; now it is a hospital, nursing home, senior residence, rehabilitation center.

In all now we can say we know the city lol!!! we walk the pavement all over and love it, we will be back. Enjoy Trier, Germany.

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