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September 3, 2015

How about Ettelbruck and Gen Patton!!

Wandering in the beautiful Luxembourg, we came to Ettelbruck. The name comes from the German word Atilbriga which means fertile ground. In 1907 , Grand Duke William II gave it the status of City. The town suffers greatlty during the Battle of the Bulge in WWII, finally liberated on Christmas Day, by the 80th US Infantry Division, part of the US 3rd Army led by Gen Patton. The city has been called “Pattonville” as well as the Gate to the Ardennes.

In it, you find the Patton Memorial, and the General Patton Memorial Museum. In it is also, the oldest Ford dealer in continental Europe ,still there since 1926. We have come here before for the museum when my boys were a lot younger and now back ,nice souvenirs.

The city is easy on the A7 road up from Luxembourg city passing wonderful Mersch and the Topaze shopping center, and the Pizza Hut at Beggen. All before reaching Ettelbruck and parking behind the Church metered but cheap.

The Gen Patton museum page is here,

The shopping Topaze here,

and the Pizza Hut, here

Just for the memories…. The Church by the Grand Rue city center , or Church of Saint Sebastian is here,

You have some nice things on the streets such as the statues of 3 figures meaning the strength of Ettelbruck such as Agriculture, Business circles, and Educational system.  The farmer is pointing to the desire height the wheat should grow; the retail dealer points his finger into the hollow of his hand to emphasize that money dealings must be correct; and the teacher points his two fingers at the other figures to stress that money and riches are not the be all and end all of life. Nice

The city hall and tourist office buildings are shown in pictures too. The  Ettelbruck  Ettelbruck  Ettelbruck  Ettelbruck  Ettelbruck traces the most remarkable stories of WWII in Luxembourg with photos, documents and objects as well as the life of Gen Patton. It has great pieces of engines and weapons inside too, great for the whole family and remember…

In all it was a nice quick day to re trace the place the family has been and to see the museum again. Enjoy the shopping and back to base on same day. Enjoy the photos of Ettelbruck, Luxembourg.

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