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September 1, 2015

Fairy tales do happened in Luxembourg city!

Here I go again ,on my summer vacation wandering the roads of France,Luxembourg and Germany. Now this is like coming home to Luxembourg city, we used to come very often even in one day when lived in Versailles. Now we are farther but we manage to come again, always nice memories.

The tourist office is here

In our older rounds we came for the pepperoni lovers pizza and the Mousel beers at Place d’Armes , and of course mingled about. Just for Lunch ::) ; then we came again and saw more of the city and the country. Now we gave it a good tour some old some new places. We came by car from our Germany base, on the A3 around the city into the back of the train station in Lux city. We went straight to our usual parking by place du théatre near the theater of des capucins underground. Then we set on foot all over the city.

Walking around the nice place de Saint Esprit and all the monuments and government buildings over the Viaduc , place de la Constitution, the music kiosk , and the great views over the Peitruss below with the nice church of St Jean (St John), and over the Grond or Grund  into the casements bock ,seeing the little train as when my kids were smaller and recount the story of the Duchesse Maria Teresa of Luxembourg who is born in Havana, Cuba

Getting a look at the wonderful Ducal Palace, again. nice area in front in the place Guillaume II with his equestrian statue, and over the always wonderful Place d’Armes where memories lingered of bringing my boys here to eat even lunch ::) Pizza Hut still there as it is Bananas, and we remember all, now the beer change from Mousel to Bofferding, but the same great service and great pizza. Had our garlic and goat cheese breadsticks, coffees, and beers! A bit technical info on Lux beers ;

and the Luxembourg beer history and breweries here,

The nice churches of St Michel and St Alphonse nice elements of a serious city and of course, the magnificent Cathedral Notre Dame , or of the Blessed Virgin with it’s lower chapels and wonderful display of statues, chapels,and ceilings, just great to see again.

And of course,another one of our favorites ,the Kirchberg district, not just because for me there is many European institutions there but with the family we enjoy the wonderful Auchan shopping center and the cinema Utopolis

We had another great time in Luxembourg city, I have a colleague who is from there, when I mentioned I went back to Luxembourg ,she shrink her eyes, indeed is a lot nicer than what most think. You should try it; Enjoy the pictures.

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