Bitburg, land of the Bitburger beer

Ok ok, just a short post on a wonderful little town of Bitburg in Germany. We check this out as we drink this beer here in Bretagne(Brittany), and decided that about 60 kms we will never be any closer so there we went.

Tourist office here ;

So we went up on the road B51 from south of Trier to Bitburg, easy. We walk around the town and check out the Church of Our Lady just when a wedding was going on in the city hall across it;we came back for the inside. We had a good inexpensive lunch at El Greco Greek resto with gyros specials for 10€ per person with bitburger beers lol! The picture is from our table a bit sideways!

Then we went over the Bitburger brewery, to our surprise ,they were doing only tours in German lol!! no help for tourism here. The English tours are done on reservation , I guess needed to call the translators from England ::)

Anyway, we took some of the tour trying our best as we do not speak German alas;;; others yes but not German. The brewery seems impressive big and the beer is one of the most popular pils there. It has nice history and museum next door; will see when back and make reservation. The long scripture tower is the history of the beer and sometimes it pours beers!!! The other photo is the tower of singing bells and the horse market fountain as before the town was big on trading horses.

The ride back was easy on the roads too, another town on my map and still drinking that German bitburger beers ! Cheers and happy Sunday y’all ::)

Bitburg Bitburg Bitburg Bitburg Bitburg Bitburg Bitburg Bitburg Bitburg



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