We came back to nice quaint Trier ,Germany

Trier was nice the first time I visited in 2005, and continue as I made quick in and outs of it. The family saw it briefly too in 2005 ,and then came back for good this time. We rented and apartment just south and had plenty of time to come in and out of Trier. The oldest city in Germany.

Tourist information is here, http://www.trier-info.de/english/index

We came the first time by the B51 road and park on the first parking available that was the europahalle at the other end of the famous Porta Nigra. This is near the pedestrians street but still a bit away to see the real town.  This is a congress hall but has underground parking very nice, http://www.kongresse-trier.de/english/

We then walk up to the city center. We came upon the first church that of Pfarrkirche St. Antonius at Antoniusstraße 1. We continue pass it to see the Karl Marx house and museum at Brückenstrasse 10 ; curious a simple house for a complex men.  http://www.trier-info.de/english/karl-marx-house-info

Passing many buildings of wonderful architecture such as the Tor des Ayles Schlosses. And again, another nice Church that the name escapes me now, and we arrive at the Konstantin Basilica, and the palace of Kurfurstliches both gorgeous and we move on to the Landes Museum impressive, and the Kaiserthermen spas of roman times! and of course the wonderful Porta Nigra; a roman arch door! right next to it you have the Stadtmuseum.

In all we did a lot of shopping on this day at the Galeria Kauhof, a sort of galleries Lafayette, just great and summer sales lol! we load up on goodies….each time in town. Of course, the Hauptmarkt or central square is gorgeous with many fountains and statues of great architecture beauty not ready to try to explain it, you just need to come and see it.

We did try a new gallery mall the Trier Galeria , good but not as Kauhof. And we had our lunch at Restaurant Pizzeria Fornelli, the real thing witnh 17,9€ per person and pizzas from romana , piedmonte,lombardia, and spa Bolognese all with lots of cold beers trierer lowenbrau and paid bottle water panna.

Then, we hit the Cathedral of Trier, superb , a must to see, the best of them. My explanation will not be enough , need to see it all of it, worth coming here just for it. The lower chapel are just as beautiful as the upper ones. See it.

I will give a sample of pictures on the above, this is a town worth coming back and we had ,and we will again. And we are not over yet , will come back with the second part or third as we came back often in our vacation trip. Enjoy Trier.

Trier Trier Trier Trier trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier Trier



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