Suresnes is memories of old and still today

This is one of my old job cities in France, I worked here for 2 years and many  nice memories of the place and friends. Suresnes is in dept 92 Hauts de Seine just west of Paris easy over the bois de Boulogne.

The tourist office there also act as seller of the local wine still produce here since milleniums.

We came by car to Paris Gare Saint Lazare, parked in the station parking on 20 rue de Rome. direct access to the train station from inside the parking. Once in the station we purchase the tickets on the machines Ile de France to go up to Suresnes-Mont Valerien. Easy to know its the stop after Puteaux. You get off following the signs for Mont Valerien and go up on rue du Calvaire.

Once on top you will to your right the American Cementary with souls of WWI and WWII on territory given by France to the USA ; this is a beautiful cementary and on top has great views of Paris. You can go down to the esplanade to the left of the cementary and the views to Paris on clear days is great; the best way to see IN the monuments. At night is sublime and romantic.

If you are facing the cementary to the left side you go up to the  Mémorial Nationale, a solemn place with a never ending flame of gratitude to all those fallen under the Nazism, many here were held and shot dead. It has a nice chapel and on top you can see the old fortress where there is a military fort still operational. if you go on the right side of the American Cementary the distance will be longer but you see more high views of Paris and a nice walkers sentry on the parc promenade Jacques Baumel.

You can eat there at the Au Pére Lapin resto right in the corner of the American Cementary with rue du Calvaire. Or go down on rue de Mont Valerien on a steep street down to city center Suresnes where there are plenty of choices for a 10 minute or less walk. We did that with some friends visiting from Georgia USA, and ate at one of my old times favorites to eat here while at work, Donatello Italian resto at 24 Esplanade des Courtieux, tel +33 (0) 42 04 41 67.. We had our usual pizzas (Donatello, 4 saisons, capri), tagliatelle carbonara,and penne 4 fromages,  with the diabolo menthe and 6 1664 French beers  all for about 15,20€ per person!

We took the train back to Gare Saint Lazare where we continue our journey in Paris with our friends, more on that next. This is a nice chic trendy town to visit easy on tramway or train, and just over the Bois de Boulogne by the hippodrome de Longchamps. Enjoy it. Have a great Sunday! I will continue on my travels tomorrow…::)

 Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes  Suresnes


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