Meaux, brie, mustard and WWI ,the Marne.

This is a wonderful town on the banks of the river Marne not far from Paris nor Disneyland. It is where all started for me in France as married a native ::) It is funny sometimes the places most dear to you are the least visited afterward.  Of course, not counting family visits which are different than visitors, the last time I wrote something on the town in my blog was in February 24, 2011!!!

The tourist office is here

and the city tourism window is here

However, the main reason I came back this time as “visiting tourist ” if I can be there, is to see the new museum of the WWI history on the Marne .The museum opened a couple years ago and always trying but always family ,so this time went straight for it.

It is on the road we normally take route de Varennes to visit friends of the family in nearby town of Varennes, in there was a huge American monument or Monument Americaine, a gift of the people of the USA to France honoring the soldiers of the expeditionary force of Gen Pershing that after landing in now near me in St Nazaire march on towards the Marne to help the French as they have done to the USA in the war of Independence with Lafayette, Rochembau , and admiral Grasse. Gen Pershing cry “Lafayette we are here” upon landing.

well right next to this beautiful monument there is the museum or Musée de la Grande Guerre (Great War is what is call here WWI). It is an imposing building on a small hill square in nature, and loudspeakers tell you ,you are in the middle of a battlefield as you approach the museum. You go in to the big lobby and go up one floor to get your ticket and start your journey. The street level is for the boutique and café services. You can go up to the top level terrace and get a view of the city of Meaux.

It tells the story of wars since 1870 so you can undertand the events leading to WWI.  You go around a thematic sequence showing the never forget theme, how was society at the time, school days , a divided Europe, the event to Sarajevo, the Marne in 1914, the trenches, Marne in 1918, victory and armistice peace ceremony;the illusions of the victory, and the re construction of the memories.

It shows the implication of hospital and school personnel in those days, the role of women, and the bringing together of about 35 nations at war.  In all you have machine guns, airplane, armored vehicle ,bus troop transports, utensils, arms small and rifles etc you name it. It is interesting to note that is music associated with the times and many exhibits of now playing like family paintings and how to build musical instruments and the music of the time in the trenches. Interesting.

There is program throughtout the year on musical presentation and exhibitions. Next in October they will have Lucien Durosoir and its violinists as well as the violencelle instrument by an ensemble of musicians and the instrument rebuilt. The ensemble is the Calliopée that is base in the museum using instruments of the times. There is an exhibit of violins until December 31 2015.

The museum own page is here in English,

Something educational and worth while for the whole family. Of course, it can be a cheaper base for Disneyland direct transport ::)


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    With my post on memorials and monuments of the Marne I though opportune to bring back the post on the museum of the First World War in Meaux. It is a great educational trip and very nicely done, there is a bus that takes you there from the train station connection in Paris at Gare de l’Est. or by car. Hope you can visit it one day it is recommended. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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