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June 6, 2015

La Trinité sur Mer , heavens on boats!

This is a wonderful heavens and boater’s paradise about 33 Kms ( 20 miles) from my house. Weekends specially in good weather is glorious to have it as your backyard, even if do not write of this area since my last post of August 7th 2012!!! Not to mention the whole of the coastal department 56 of Morbihan in Brittany, France. I am talking about La Trinité sur Mer. The tourist office for it again is here : We go by car along the D768 to the N165 and then turn direction Vannes for a while on this road before hooking up again with the D768 direction Carnac and hooking up with the road D186 direction La Trinité sur Mer. Plenty of parking by the pleasure marina and along the harbor as well as the St Joseph parking lot up by the Church St Joseph, it is a public parking. The Church of Saint Joseph  is in the high town or haute ville, built in 1865 around houses of fisherman; the belltower was raised in 1891 to serve as guide to the boaters in the harbor below!  There are nice eateries up here too,and the quaint house to repair your bike or your small boat with antiques fixtures right by the Church behind it next to the memorial to the fallen. And of course, the harbor, all glorious boats of it, restos, bars, shops. The wonderful SNSM lifesavers at sea volunteer force which I proudly support by the fish market or halles aux poisons. Always great to walk it leisurely and no hurry. We of course had our lunch here at the usual A l’étage right by the harbor and overlooking it with  a top floor terrace for drinks only. You come down to second level to drink more and eat some big burgers and fries, fish harengs, and Serrano ham, grimbergen and corona beers and expresso coffee all for 15€ per person.  The best is the vistas and at night is tapas! no webpage but just entering La Trinité sur Mer you can’t missed the bigh house by the harbor quai eric tabaly, the telephone is +33 (0) 2 97 59 56 12. We continue to do some walking passing by the mairie or mayor’s office where our car was park to head out to St Philibert and our shopping at our favorite area Breton store La Trinitaine. Then , we headed home. Enjoy your weekend wherever you are! La Trinité sur Mer La Trinité sur Mer La Trinité sur Mer La Trinité sur Mer La Trinité sur Mer La Trinité sur Mer La Trinité sur Mer La Trinité sur Mer La Trinité sur Mer

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