How about that Finistére, this is Morlaix

Another of my weekend trips in my beautiful Bretagne/Brittany or Breizh. This time it was in the departément of Finistére no 29. We went to see Morlaix. The tourist offices are ; We went by car of course , it is about 2h30 from us on the N165 to Quimper past it take the N164 direction Pleyben/Morlaix, then hook up with the D785 again direction Pleyben/Morlaix , take a quick right on the D712, D712B and again back on the D785 and again on the D712 on a series of traffic circles until reaching the D769 direction Morlaix into city center by rue de Brest which is strangely the D712 road ! The signs are well posted. Going there we passed by the wonderful nature of the Mont d’Arrée the historical hills of Brittany. This is wonderful for the nature lovers and history buffs like me, we drove by it this time but stops frequents to soak in on the scenary, the monts Saint Michel is wonderful, to see it in depth to come. More on it here at the Finistére tourist office, We found easy parking at the place Charles de Gaulle right past the viaduct and in front of the Tourist office and House or Maison Penanault which has a nice mini presentation of the history of the area,both house and office are the same. The statue of the Corsair Charles Cornic is there.  You walk right into the viaduct and have on Saturdays a wonderful food and fleas market or marché; here as well as heading to the great architecture of the city hall or hotel de ville. Across the basin that is part of the Harbor or portat quai de Léon,  you have the Manufacture des Tabacs that for 250 years was a main motor of fabrication of cigars etc, today it is save by administrative offices and it is open to the public to showcase it. As we arrive by midi or noon, it is time here to have lunch, and as we were in Morlaix central, just when the marché or market was going on under the viaduct transport bridge we choose the historic Le Grand Café de la Terrasse just past the parking at the next square Place des Otages; it is regal house done in 1885, and serving since. Very nice belle époque designs and friendly local service. We sat inside and had a great course with me having apéro as usual porto rouge (red) ,then  pizzthéque ( blend of watermelons, salads, cheeses, cherry tomatoes entrée) , then the tartine de chévre et deux jambons or goat’s cheese and two hams including iberico type ham.toasted bread and on a bed of salads, all with a great Chinon red Expression 2012 and expresso coffee;others had different things from omelette to burgers to risotto seafood platter. café gourmand (with sweets), raspberries surprises mousse and coffee as well as assorted aperitifs from cognac to vodka to poire Williams liquor. All for 30 euros per person; bit high but all worth it. We continue our wandering to visit the church Saint Melaine, very rustic pretty old nice; right by the viaduct almost touching it. Church started from 1489 and continuously renovated to 1574 and even 1956. It has an impressive belltower that recognizes it all over town. We walk all over on the meandering streets to the hotel de ville or mairie past the days market and into the place E Souvestre and place de Viarmes , the Grande Rue and the place des jacobins (couvent des jacobins) with its city museum or Musée de Morlaix , also some in the Maison à Pondalez, Up to the Rue du Mur and wonderful Place Allende with a nice lookout of the city up by the old ruins Chateau (now a college) and into the next nice Church of Saint Mathieu, a gothic church from 1494 is now done from 1824. The magnificient tower dates from the 16C renaissance style ,the first one in Brittany in this form. Inside you have the magical opening door of the virgin Notre Dame du Murs done around 1400 in the region of Koln, Germany! On the left there is a last supper and the washing of the feet of Christ,and to the right the reliefs of the Crucifixtion We climb very high steep hilly streets you name it, to reach the district or quartier of Saint Martin and see the more modern Church of Saint Martin,Place Saint Martin,  oldest roots since end of the 14C but the church much newer now after damage end of the 16C ,and not finish until 1863. Up in the square du chateau you have a wonderful view of the city and viaduct, this castle was dismantled in the 16C following the wars of the League, you go along the rue des Vielles Murailles and rue Edouard Corbiére to rejoin the rue du murs. It is now a school college there. There is a nice theater or théatre du pays de Morlaix ,done from a gift of the count of Ange de Guernisac to the city; the theater is done Italianesque style and opened in 1888.  renovated and newer reopen again in 2002 after a  period of closings. Do not missed the maison or house of Anne de Bretagne in the Place Allende, very historical for Brittany. The kiosque or bandstand  in front of the hotel de ville dating from 1903; the harbor or port and the fountain or fontaine des anglais,  named after the English attack in 1522 , the inhabitant return and defend the town ,the blood it is said came out of this fountain (of course just a leyend here).  It is just past the port and manufacture des tabacs on the other side the quai de Tréguier. along the day we shop at the boulangerie de Aurore et Benoit by 11 rue Gambetta, the great liquors Bretons at the Le Cave des Jacobins at place des Jacobins, the biscuiterie de Morlaix at rue du murs for cookies. In all we went on to Roscoff another post forthcoming this 3 day holiday in France. Happy Pentecôte or Pentecost to all those celebrating it. Cheers.  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix  Morlaix

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