A Coruña again a visit to the green of Galicia

Its been a while too long I think, last time here was in July 28 ,2012!! so this is like welcome back to Galicia and A Coruña. Again , this time a shorter stay but always pleasant full of memories ,good company and more souvenirs.

The tourist office of A Coruña is here ; http://www.turismocoruna.com/web/ and of the region of Galicia here; http://www.turgalicia.es/portada?langId=en_US

I was on swing trip that included Portugal see last post; then came up here. I took off from Lisbon airport on Iberia airlines and it took me to Madrid (these days we go backward to go forward and its cheaper lol!) ,not enough time in Madrid just to catch the flight to Coruña small airport.  There friend pick me up and went to the hotel and then out.

The hotel was a new one never been in it, the Attica 21 Hotel, very modern contemporary in a nice area just about 6 kms from the beaches.  The district of Matogrande very up and coming area with lots of night life too. It is about 5 minutes by car from the airport fast driving.  The hotel has spacious modern rooms and a great breakfast restaurant with private parking and helpful staff. The webpage is here http://www.attica21hotels.com/en/5/hotel-attica21-coruna/

From there we went out for dinner, and first had a drink with tapas at Soho Café, a trendy place with plenty of locals. We had some cañas or tall glass of beer Estrella Galicia, and then some bits of cheese and ham; great place and good company. The webpage is here ; http://www.sohocafecoruna.com/

As it is the custom, we went out to another place for dinner, and this one was modern and trendy as well lots of university students and older crowd as well very nice, and great staff and food. We had the same beer Estrella Galicia with raxo de Puerco or pork bits with potatoes, and most of all lots ot talking. The place is call Bogarts Baar a mix of food and drinks, restaurant with high chairs and long high tables in a modern setting , young and vibrant. All was good. the website is on facebook but this site tells you a bit in photos of what this place is superb , http://interioreschic.com/bogart-baar-en-a-coruna/

Next day was all work, and then we went to a nice cafeteria, the ones workers come to eat lunch ,very local outside the city on your way to Sada, you get your buffet style place with a drink and dessert and coffee for about 15 euros; nice local ambiance and quiet family place. Cafeteria Restaurant Al Paso at Carretera N-VI, km 582 ;tel +34 670 053 065, it is part of the group Josmaga where you can see a picture of it. http://www.josmaga.com/cafeteria-alpaso.php

It was time to head back home and was driven to the airport of A Coruña for my Iberia flight to Madrid and then Nantes France, where my car was waiting for the trip home in 1h30. Of all these flight connections and metro, taxi, personal car all went smooth and nice, quite perfect trip. It just remains an area to come with more time. that is a promise.

Enjoy your weekend and for me back to routine tomorrow until next month travels. Cheers.

A Coruña A Coruña A Coruña A Coruña A Coruña A Coruña SADA



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2 Comments to “A Coruña again a visit to the green of Galicia”

  1. I see you’ve been following me again. LOL! I don’t know that district of Matogrande at all, but La Coruña has grown so much since I left that I hardly recognise it sometimes, except of course the Casco Viejo and the area where I grew up. I am glad you had such a lovely time. Adonis loves Raxo and I make it for him sometimes. 🙂

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    • oh yes this is an up and coming trendy area many restos décor aka London. My friends are younger so they took me to all these places there lol! Yes indeed I have to keep track of your roamings ::)

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