A town crisscross by three waterways! it’s Redon!

Today loomed like a rainy day but no matter what we are use to Brittany already lol! We head out for a family day in a town I pass by on car or train but never went in really. This is the water heavy boat crazy and leisure inland living town of Redon in South Brittany, the still land of the Gallo language not Breton but it can be heard too.

The area tourist office in French, http://www.tourisme-pays-redon.com/

and the mayor’s office tourist section in French, http://www.redon.fr/tourisme/p26-patrimoine-architectural.html


city town hall of Redon !

We live less than 2 hrs from it so we took the D779 over to the D135 past Saint Avé to hook up with the D775 at Saint Nolff and straight to Redon avoiding all N national roads. Easy leasure ride and plenty of parking by the Quai Surcouf in Redon as today its the anniversary of the end of WWII in France on May 8 1945, a holiday off day!

Once we arrive the rain was no more and we had a great time walking all over the town, from the famous harbor of pleasure boats to the in and out of the boats on the levies, the tranquil waters of the Oust and Vilaine rivers as well as the Canal Nantes-Brest passing by this town is all boats and waterways.

The musée de la Batellerie is nice but as a holiday it was close, something to come back for it. It shows the history of boat making and river navigation in the area, http://www.tourisme-pays-redon.com/musees/PCUBRE0351000021/detail/redon/musee-de-la-batellerie-de-l-oust

We continue wandering to the point of ave jean Burel past Quai Jean Barts to see the La Croix des marins, or the mariners cross pointing out to the union of the rivers oust and vilaine. We walk over the Vilaine to visit the nearby town of Saint Nicolas de Redon ,unique because this is in dept 44 Loire-Atlantique so two departments regions in one walk !

We did not buy but took a peek at the Les Halles wonderful covered market ;huge renovated in 2012 but dating from the 19C, very lively with about 30 fix merchants inside selling all the area goodies. We did purchase our baguettes there from Le Fournil de la Fontaine at 1 Rue Duguesclin a wonderful wooden house of old; great looking architecture near the abbey of St Sauveur.

We visited the Abbey of Saint Sauveur of course, again for me, and first for the family. A wonderful church with chapels and organ and wonderfully decorated altar as well as the unique bell and clock tower gothic style detach from the abbey and 28 meters high. The clocktower roman style is from the 12C. The back chevet is from 13-14C. The west side dates from 1786-1992.The nerf or nave is from 11-18C. The gothic choir is from 13C. The ambulatory is from the 14C. The baptismal chapel vases are from the 17-20C. The altar and retable is from 1634 – 1636 also 18-19C. The altar and retable of the Sacred Heart is from 17C. The relics of the Pope Léon III are from the 18-19C.  The gothic tower standing alone is from the 14C. The chapel of Jeanne d’Arc is from 1920. the Chapel of the Dukes and Chapel of Saint-Roch are from the 14C. You will find the encrusted tomb of Raoul de Pontbriand (15C), abbey of Redon from 1419 to 1422.

Of course, we had our usual lunch away from home and we walk so finally decided to eat at L’Ecluse pizzeria resto in nearby Saint Nicolas de Redon! just over the department 35 to 44 line! oh well we do walk here. The place was great, we were the first one in, all staff waiting us , and service was prompt and nice. We had our aperitifs or apéros with porto red, piña colada, whisky cola , l’ecluse house special of fruits no alcohol and cocktail alexis with rosé wine and lemon. Then we went with the tagliatelles with goat cheeses for two, calzone of ham and cheese, and pizzas of Indienne, Royale (beef for me), we had a lyonnaise house rosé wine bottle and then desserts were bounty (coconut ice cream and choco syrup), banana split, peach melba, pears belle helene, and caraibe coffee with vodka. We left paying at the counter for 28 ,20 euros per person. A bit high been in an off area away from the main tourist spots. However, the place is sparkling clean very nice decoration with riverware and old Paris posters, and the place was pack with local people by the time we finish. No webpage but it is at 84, avenue Jean Burel  tel +33 02 99 72 33 04. On the D164 road to La Gacilly.

In fact, we left town the other way on the D873 out of Redon, towards La Gacilly the same, and went to a nature place my collegues at work told me to visit especially in good days, this is the Ile aux Pies.  A wonderful nature of Brittany site, with the oust river passing and spaces for picnic, horse riding, children playground, kayak,canoe, boating, and mountain climbing on a great cliff. plenty of free parking, the site here in French, http://www.tourisme-pays-redon.com/pays-de-redon/canal-de-nantes-brest-manche-ocean/ile-aux-pies-perle-du-canal-de-nantes-brest

You continue on the D873 and reach the panel for ile aux pies take it left and follow the signs until the end. Plenty of camping cars spaces too. More on the climbing in English here, http://escapades-verticales.com/?page_id=695

And we continue this way towards La Gacilly (yves rocher cosmetic center) but been here already continue home passing by Saint Martin sur Oust and Saint Gravés direction Questembert and back on the D775 home. Now still no more rain lol!

And getting ready for Sunday go out again next week Portugal and Spain here I come. enjoy your weekend;cheers.

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