My Travels in the Morbihan ,XVIIII

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passing la saudraye river on d152

This was supposed to be a grand weekend, Labor Day here so 3 days off weekend. Instead it has been miserable, rain all day hard sometimes, traffic jams all over as folks that planned on the beach now coming back in hordes. Even Vannes last night was almost impossible. Talk about small town traffic jam lol!!!

We had ideas of going over to Nantes on the Atlantique shopping center but the roads was completely jam on the N165 all the way there. So we turn around and decide to explore new areas on the Lorient area. Happy we did as here there is always great surprises and new found beauties all the time. An un-exhaustable abundant of natural beauty.

We went off the N165 to Ploemeur and took a ride by the little airport that already receive big planes at about 9 kms from Lorient and a mix use of civil and military. The naval base of Lann-Bihoué is here too since 1938. Big parking spaces one terminal ,one entry for arrival and one for departures. on the D163 follow the signs of Lann Bihoué .

I had to bring a collegue on a night trip here and now saw it better in daytime. You never know what rates you can find. We continue our journey to the town of Ploemeur, and on city center saw the nice Church of Saint Peter or St Pierre. The beauty is to go along the coast on the D306 and see the beaches such as Plage du Fort Bloqué ( 1 900 meters long), many menhirs or stones, and chapels, as well very nice quaint city center. Also, beaches at Kaolin, Peréllo, Port Fontaine,  Anse du Stole,Kerpape, Kerroch and Lomener. The church of St Pierre is from the 12C and was ruined in 1668. The reconstruction of the tower and bell was done in 1686, the four bells benediction was done in 1726 and two are newer from 1783. A copy of St Pierre is up at the front door and the original is in the altar.

Info on the town is at the city page in French,

and the agglo of Lorient site

some info on the Lorient tourist site in English,

and a bit more in English at the region of Morbihan site,

We continue our exploration of new or fairly new territory and went into a new one at Guidel. Great find. Plenty here

This is just covering the coast and wonderful beaches some secluded and most open and best for water sports like surfing. There is an imposing church of Guidel in city center, and surrounded by shops, restos etc vibrant. We decided to take a break here and eat lunch. We pick a picturesque Italian villa call La Villa Toscane  resto grill pizzeria at 15 place Jafffré. Very nice decoration toscane, great welcome nice friendly service, big portions good prices , and great quality. We have pizzas of different combi I had the Mexicaine with chorizos and spicy beef, expresso coffee and a bottle of côte de provence st tropez rosé we share all for 18 Euros per person, nice. Great pictures of the resto here

We notice that bus 60 from the Lorient agglo metro area takes  you all over here so good to know of those not with a car as we are always here with ours….schedules here

We came on the express road N165 and got in thru Ploemeur first and then Guidel and then back on the N165 home. From Ploemeur we took the D162 and continue into Guidel where we took the D152 coastal road before taking the D306 back to the N465 beltway at Lorient and the N165 home.

There is a great pleasure boat harbor at Guidel with great beach parking and plenty of restos and vacation homes even campings. Passing Fort du Loch (built in 1756)   and eventually Fort Bloqué (built between 1747 and 1758 after the English invasion of 1746, and it was integrated into the fortification network defending Lorient. During WWII it was part of the Atlantic wall done by the Nazis).

along great beaches and wild coastal cliffs. All the way out to Lorient. A place to come back to and explore in more details. I leave you with the taste and good vibration we had. Enjoy your weekend. Cheers.

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  1. It’s miserable here too! Apparently the sunshine is coming after the bank holiday: typical!!! I’m glad you still managed to go out and have a good time. 🙂

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