Jalisco state or Guadalajara or Tepatitlan de Morelos

This is my last trip just back last night. I was in Mexico ,especially in Jalisco state and just around Guadalajara and its wonderful nearby cities of Tepatitlan de Morelos and San Juan de los Lagos.  The area tourist office at http://www.visitmexico.com/en/guadalajara

This was a business trip so the time there was limited but thanks to the local friends I did see some of the town , a nice French hotel, and wonderful church. Some of the pictures were taken by these friends as I am still waiting for them, my camera died out there ::) The airport was that of Guadalajara ;https://www.aeropuertosgap.com.mx/en/guadalajara-3.html

I went first to my first town San Juan de los Lagos, where the church is second only to Guadalupe in Mexico city as the most important there; already visited by Pope John Paul IIhttp://www.sanjuandeloslagos.gob.mx/

Here I visited the church of our lady of San Juan de los Lagos, 76 miles or 122 kms north of Guadalajara. The sanctuary begain in 1542 and the church in 1732. it is wonderful and a must to see, more here http://www.sanjuandeloslagos.gob.mx/

and the sacred sites webpage has even more on it , http://sacredsites.com/americas/mexico/san_juan_de_los_lagos.html

It is gorgeous and a must to see ,drive there you will be fascinated by the devotion and spirituality of this church. The town is very nice in its center too.

After this wonder of our world, we turn into my hotel city Tepatitlan de Morelos, meaning a place amongst stone, and it has the history of been invaded by the French in 1864, and its big party is from April 12 to April 30 which I caught a bit of it from the 12 to the 15 and it was great party on the streets lively  ,under control nice. http://www.tepatitlan.gob.mx/turismo/

Here I stayed at the wonderful Grand Hotel of French decoration and one of the owner is. My room was the Mandela , all the rooms are individually decorated  inmense wonderful, class in an unusual place; I was priviledge to see the room Marie Antoinette,  http://www.grandhotelboutique.com/mandela/

and of course the center of my dine outs, I was introduce to the restaurant Don K, http://www.tepatitlan.gob.mx/turismo/directorio/#restaurantes

The sport TV all over, the friendly service, good food, good company was all it took; I came back always to eat here!!! It is at Dr. J. Ricardo Alcala Iñiguez 284, Alameda, 47650 Tepatitlán de Morelos Telephone +52 378 715 5140 a web to speak of it http://www.gosur.com/place/food/don-k-maron/4c34d0407cc0c9b618fcf39a/?lang=en&mc=20.806955,-102.755982&mz=15&rids=6051279&category=topPicks&back=localplaces&units=metric

I saw football/soccer games Champions of Europe there,and it has football nights as well that is soccer.

The town has many churches and a great central plaza, nice for walks very laidback and quiet nice country town indeed. One never know how to find these jewels , but there are out there, here in Mexico , I just combing the surface. Enjoy it.

San Juan de los Lagos San Juan de los Lagos San Juan de los Lagos San Juan de los Lagos San Juan de los Lagos San Juan de los Lagos San Juan de los Lagos  Tepatitlan de Morelos Tepatitlan de Morelos Tepatitlan de Morelos Tepatitlan de Morelos Tepatitlan de Morelos Tepatitlan de Morelos Tepatitlan de Morelos

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