Angers, the castle and the tapestry!!!

Well continuing with my thirst for getting to know all of France, ( long ::) ) I just visited Angers, a city where I have job duties nearby but never took the family;this time they went and like it.  The tourist office site is

We went by car of course, heading without paying tolls on the countryside for about 3 hrs driving from home to the parking in city center. We took the N165 to the beltway or péripherique around Nantes on the A844 and continue following all panels for Angers linking with the road D723 by Carquefou and onwards on the same road  again direction Angers  ,took briefly the D523 and then the D323 direction Angers/Paris until Angers centre ville and got up by the Parc République parking underneath the centre commercial Fleurs d’Eau on rue Plantagenêt. All daytime for 5,60€!

Once we arrive out of parking we headed straight for the Castle of Angers, a wonderful building and a must see, plenty on it, we like the fact there is a restaurant Inside! and the logis and chapel were recently renovated sparkling nice.

We continue to the magnificent Cathedral Saint Maurice a jewel of a Church and another must see there, do try to climb the montée Saint Maurice stairs lovely view up and down.

We wandered about the town , just clean lovely, lively and Young, full of life, very nice, the family like it.  Of course, they have the usual Galeries Lafayette, FNAC stores as well as France Loisirs at the Palace, and great tea/coffee place at La Feve d’Or, and the gourmand will love La Gourmandise even with Spanish nougats !!!  It has a wonderful train/bus terminal very modern and clean as

We love the tour Saint Aubin or tower in city center old town, and the Church Notre Dame des Victoires, and the shopping center Fleurs d’Eau at rue Plantagenêt where we parked our car at parc République.

Not to mention take a look at the Church St Laud near the train station and castle. And of course, the galerie David d’Angers , and the museum of Beaux-Arts or fine arts,

And see the grand théatre d Angers wonderful at place du ralliement. There we ate at superb Le Pub Ralliement with a meter of beer glass serving and wonderful pizzas, steak, and pasta. all with Cafe gourmand with sweets and coffee with a banana split for about 25,30 euros per person.

You have a lot to see not to mention by the airport you have a wonderful old planes museum. and the nearby castles like Serrant and the vinyards of Anjou. All a wonderful time in a nice town which we will be back. Enjoy it.

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2 Comments to “Angers, the castle and the tapestry!!!”

  1. It looks like you’re following on my footsteps! We went there a couple of years ago and totally loved it, especially the Apocalypse Tapestry: What an amazing piece of Art! But the castle itself is awesome too and Angers a very pretty town. We stayed at the motorhome aire of Bouchemaine, right where the rivers Loire and Maine meet: beautiful place.
    Nice blog. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    • hahaha ::) no I think its the other way around… I was there as I said but just not with the family now they are coming along; I am on the road here and usually I am the first to see the places and then we discuss and decide if want to go and see them. Today we were in Port Louis again… Cheers


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