My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton V

Well why not start my 2015 blogging year with my home grounds!!! Pluvigner is a nice laidback country town where everybody know each other and they we are beginning to know each other, first year passed ::)

If you want to know what i mean by country then check our mayor’s office site here

and the tourist site for the area in which we have an annex office at the side of the mayor’s office wow!! is here

Today was nice went up as high as 15C or about 59F temp and with a thin light rain grey skies and typical winter day. We decided to go out and eat out.

We pick our wonderful in town castle of Rimaison who we had walk and peek on it but never Inside, this time not only Inside but we ate there lunch at the Créperie de Rimaison; the place is a castle in ruins that was transfer all here in about 1960, and now its own by a family from Vannes for the last 10 years and the créperie restaurant is open for 3 years. Very friendly ,nice, good food and good country pleasant folks, plus you eat in a castle !!!

You can walk thru the front but we came by car ho ho ho! and went on the back side on rue de Landaul, parking Inside the castle. You then walk to the creperie, as the castle part of it is where the owner lives, and the other is the event rental areas, and the chapel where you can book dinner events.

The creperie part is on the left side as you walk in from the parking, with a glass veranda. All is done with taste decoration of stuffed grass animals and old antique items deco on the veranda glass with ornaments, and great host we talk and talk and got some local tips as well for work around the house lol!!!

The service is done on demand from a nice menu, of the typical Breton galettes and crêpes and some original ones like the Edimbourg. The tables are of wood on thick wood legs and all in a light cream color on the walls Inside but we ate in the veranda on a light rainy day but not cold so we enjoy the castle patio.

We had the following
Ripaille du Terroir galette, andouille is a local breton sausage, ham, smoked bacon, cheese raclette, white onions, and pickles.
Potager du Roy, cooked tomatoes, leeks, onions, and mushrooms
Mousquetaires (2), enementhal cheese, goat cheese with honey, camembert and roquefort cheeses
Bretonne, andouille de Guémere, a local breton sausage but top quality from the town of Guémere , cooked apples, sauce moutarde =mustard.

The desserts
L’Agenaise (2), cream of prunes, vanilla ice cream scoop, flambée de cognac
l’Orangerie (2), confit of orange, hot chocolate, cooked orange peels, flambée de grand marnier
Duc d’Edimbourg, confit of orange, flambée fo whisky.

Two bottles of cider one brut with the meal and one doux or sweet with the desserts, and expresso coffee for all. Came out to 118,30 or 23.66€ per person (about 28.40 USDollars today).

A wonderful experience, that we follow up with a nearby visit to the bakery across the street for some baguettes to take back  ,Boulangerie Delumeau. We then, went on to buy some garden Tools at our nearby Gamm Vert comptoir on same road ave de la gare, and got our shovel and knifes,and brick pavement cleaning solvents. We ,then visit a nursery on the other side of the expressway N165 call the Pépinière de Penhouët at the route la butte du Roc in the town of Ploêren. Here we pick up 6 trees to decorate our garden that will get next wednesday breton stones décorations 6,2 tons of it for a complete new look!!!

So, therefore, we are all welcome and enjoy my Bretagne/Breizh and Pluvigner or Pleuwigner in Breton language. Enjoy and best wishes for 2015.


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