The seafarer town of La Rochelle

Wonderful energetic vibrant lively town, I have passed by it and been in it briefly several times and as usual the family comes after. My oldest son studied here in the restaurant/hôtels business and he love it too. I am in Brittany so comparing sea front towns is a giver now, I like to think by me the towns are a bit laidback , peaceful, and there is more life active action. Anyway, we finally arrive and now a potential for retirement is added to my list.Not that I am ready for that ::) but we can always planned lol!!!

Above is the tourist office for some reason in German, maybe too many beers but you can change it into Spanish, French, And English. We arrive by car of course, driving past Nantes on the A83 with tolls of 7,20€ going down and then driving by the D937/949/746/165 back for free via La Roche sur Yon, Nantes and home ground. Plenty of parking by the Place de Verdun and the Vieux Port parking areas, and a nice park and relay by Jean Moulin at city entrance.

Once in town, we walk, and walk is a Walker paradise of quaint old Streets and historical buildings, we took the tour de la chaine, tour de St Nicolas, and the scaffold tour de la lanterne (Under renovation) ,the great Grosse Horloge at the vieux port,and the halles or market, some eats at La Panitiére, La mie Caline, and more walks later we ate at Quai 22 restaurant, This was like a metal boat with several floors and the funny find your service room or toilette hahaha I got me into the women side, oh well, those darn beers again; nothing major, the ladies behave lol!  the fish and chips was excellent too the best I had in France.  And of course, some ice creams at D’Jolly, oh yes in zero temps C° !!! and chocolates at l’Atelier du chocolat, video games at Micromania/Dock, the walk Inside the covered market or Halles, the lunch at the Vendéen boulangerie chain Roger Sicard, the boys tea at Infini Thé,  the ramparts and the beach or plage de la concurrence. Oh well what a day; all wonderful. We really rock, and of course the Cathedral St Pierre, and the Church of Saint Sauveur were nice, and a stop by the train station or Gare de La Rochelle, why not! We do the train here too, you know, its not like all my friends think I drive all over, well most places, i do take the trains sometimes, not too many times , prefer the car/auto…

And oh yes, somehow late night, late do not know the hour but the folks were waiting to close and go home and then we needed the key code, what??? OMG, we got there in time after walking ourselves to death , are we ready for the New Year 2015,yes,maybe, I think so, but who cares we rock into it anyway. Oh yes we did get to our hotel, the wonderfully renovated sparkling new clean nice all aboard Odalys Appart’Hotel Archipel at 27 rue de la Huguenotte in the Ville en Bois district.

And we had a great night sleep. To be continue….


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2 Comments to “The seafarer town of La Rochelle”

  1. We love it there. Beautiful town!


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