Back to Prague and it was nice!

Another chance to visit this city of the East. I wrote last about it here in November 29,2013. I came on the outskirts of the city,and now took the opportunity to visit the old town.   First, the tourist office of the city, and the country tourist office on Prague here

Of course, I am talking about Prague, Czech Republic. I came by air on AF from Nantes to Paris CDG and then Czech Airlines to Prague Havel airport.

There are many ways to get to the city with buses ,taxis, shuttles etc. I usually took a taxi, but this time try the tourist in me and took Cedaz the private express airport bus. the ride is 150 K or about 7 euros; every 30 minutes ride is about 40 minutes. You can take it from Terminal 1 exit F or 2 exit E. email info is very easy nice ride. It stop me right in front side of the Hilton Old Town Hotel.

Then, straight for the hotel, back in the Hilton Old Town Prague. This is  a grand chain and this hotel rank high up. Queen size bed and views of the city in front of you, walking to Namesti Republiky square The room was big ,bath too, wifi, bar, and on the 7th floor nice.  more into the business traveler but families will be in heaven.

I check in rather quick and went out immediately for the shopping lol!!! the prices are unbelievable cheap and food drinks too as compare to France. I went straigth into the Palladium shopping center on Namesti Republiky ,now this is a real mall, with four floors and on the top a whole floor of bars and restaurants to choose from. My first try of the Pilsner beer ::)

Then, it was a wandering walk thru old town, just missing the Charles river but see everything else.  I stop by the train station of  or at  Masarykovo Nadrazi with plenty of tramway and bus service to the city and around it. Also trains as  Hlavni Nadrazi at

I went to eat at Potrefena Husa resto and it was fantastic ambiance good food and cheap at 10€ including beer. The beer was local and a bit yeasty but ok.

My evening I went to the Kolkovna Celnice typical Czech resto not far from the Hilton, and it was  a simple business dinner pilsner beers that took the idea of Prague even more enticing Old Czech Kolkovna  platter 900 grams for about 13 euros.

Next day was a soul searching in dark old town Prague; and I took my friends on a walking tour of Prague to find a place locals had brought me before, the Hybernia with the brewing pilsner beers and more drinks and be merry, recommended for more time,

I continue the seach for excellence and we just got in before closing at the Dubliner Irish pub that we should come back,

In between i was in the market of Monday morning at Namesti Republiky, colorful by the metro station entrance. I walk around seeing the wonderful buildings such as the powder tower ,muséums, and theaters , and operas

and the wonderful buildings of the old square not far from the so call Charles bridge which I skip ::)

However, in all we will need more time in Prague, it is on the list::) enjoy the photos. Cheers.

 Prague  Prague  Prague  Prague  Prague  Prague  Prague  Prague


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2 Comments to “Back to Prague and it was nice!”

  1. Thanks for this. Prague is definitely on my bucket list. It certainly looks beautiful! Nice pictures! 🙂


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