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September 3, 2014

Some news from France LXXXX

Well all back to normal here the rentrée or come back to norm is on, just routine by now, its my 11st. The idea is really a mental process as all here act like machines on it. In reality ,its just another day, another day at school for the Young and work continues for the middle, the retirees don’t feel anything ::) well maybe the grandchildren.

The weather has stay hot even as 24C sunny ,just like beach weather. It makes you go back hehehe. I am taking this month to catch up on house chores and no outside travel, next month already planned trips out to Europe and South America.

The latest from our Paris megapolis is Bob ‘s Bake Shop, after Bob’s juice and Bob’s kitchen now we get Bob’s bake shop with pastries. Some are quaint, unique trying to find a niche. Bagel with avocado, Batka brioché au chocolat, and Blueberry pie. Halle Pajol, 12, esplanade Nathalie-Sarraute every day from 8h to 16h, closest metro jules joffran line 12.

Another nice new spot is at Boulogne-Billancourt, my old hangout for business work.  La Passarelle, 52, quai du Point-du-Jour, everyday from 16h to 02h. You need to look for it as it a boat peniche  Les Calanques, and go over a narrow bridge to it. The ambiance is terrific.and new to try out , at

Another great point with nice views of Paris is again the store BHV rooftop bar as the others …::) Perchoir éphémére is the bar at

And again thanks to Le Figaro as above, I am giving you two maps of the metro done with the best bars and burger joints in Paris.

Then, we have 150 years of the Musée Décoratifs celebrating with 16 interior designers who chose their best there;

The newest shopping center in Paris, Beaugrenelle will have an English showcase of goods from September 6 to 20th,

At Honfleur, the story of Eugéne Boudin continues with an expo to the local painter until September 29th. “Dans l’intimité d’Eugéne Boudin;

This is it for now, will need to get cranking on the rentrée ::) Enjoy your week.





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