Auray and the district harbor of Saint Goustan.

Well nice weather ,hot and plenty of tourist from all over the world is the mood here in my coastal breton lands. We are getting ready to go out in our vacation to the pyrénées and before visit by the wife’s brother and family from the ch’tis nord !

We went out to Saint Goustan where we used to lived in Auray before moving to inland Morbihan. Still we are about 15 kms from Saint Goustan or about 9 miles.  Our town tourist page in English,  and more on Saint Goustan from tourist office of Brittany/Bretagne.

The area is gorgeous , just at the point of heading into the Gulf of Morbihan and UNESCO Heritage site islands in the gulf. here in French,   and English from tourist office ,

What can I say more, it is sublime like an islands in heavens. the only drawback is the climate for most of the year is windy ,cold and rainy, but around june to september very places can compete.

We went out with the family and the visiting family to our favorite galette place at Saint Goustan , a memorable historical and gorgeous harbor to eat at Créperie Saint Sauveur,

We had our usual galette madrilene, savoyards, goat cheese salads, etc with coco nuts ,banana splits ices and plenty of bottles of the local Coat-Albret brut cider all for about 18 euros each great place, great food, good friends and reasonable prices, heavens. The visitors like it too….

As the brother and family were trying out our Interceltique festival in Lorient, all about the Celtic people from France, UK, and Spain with lots of celebration superb but we have been already.

We headed back to Vannes to do some last minute shopping for our trip and some Tools for the house like a lawnmower machine! and then headed back to Saint Goustan for ice creams at the L’Igloo !!! superb ice cream I had the dark chocolate large cone with five flavors from strawberry ,coconut, mousse de chocolat, chocolate raspberry, and banana wow for 5,70 euros ;great you should try it big cone!  Over 150 flavors and branch in Carnac Plage/beach too which we of course have tried too !!  as not available in the auray area directory, give you the area on the city mayor’s office here

We then did our usual walk around this gorgeous place taking some pictures don’t even know if repeated but so what they are always wonderful. Enjoy the Morbihan, and do try Saint Goustan.  Cheers

Auray Auray Auray

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