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August 10, 2014

My travels in the Morbihan XVI

Another nice sunny day in the Morbihan, and family last day to go back nord. We came back to prepare for our family vacation in the pyrénées area starting tomorrow on the road warrior trails of France.

We probably repeated photos and trails this day as we were showing our family some of the areas we like here. Today , we went to La Trinitaine store in St Philibert on road D28 off the N165 ,this is outlet store huge with all the deco ,drinks and souvenirs of Brittany, as the factory is right behind it. It is in a small shopping center where the store is it, with bakery next door and ice creams, fruit stand from the Drome and galettes resto; all in one stop before heading for the beaches.

We love it , of course, and took time to buy some goodies to eat tonite and others for the road tomorrow. Here is the store ,

From here we went down to La Trinité-sur-Mer a gorgeous harbor with plenty of sailing , motor boats and restos all alond the harbor. There is nice shopping, woodend boat builder and museum such as  ,and nice old church of St Joseph as the first chapel was built in 1682. In 1894, the height of the belfry was increased by more than 10 meters, thus serving as a landmark to sailors. The chapel was enlarged in 1935, thus becoming a true Church.

the gracious fishing market or halle aux poissons off the harbor fresh catch of the day, open 7/7 here,  , and of course the tourist office and the wonderful looks at the harbor. We had our hot dogs, galettes and ciders here right next to the fishing market in a food truck , unique, for a first time.

We ,then took a quick tour of Locmariaquer to see the monoliths and the museum , we were here many times and the visitors wanted to continue to Sainte Anne d’Auray so we left quickly, however, the museum is good to see for a first timer at least;

We arrive at Sainte Anne d’Auray by the old C2 communal road that comes right  facing the basilica of Sainte Anne, imposing as well; we used to live about 6 kms from here now it is about 18. Still impressive. There were getting ready for festivities of Yves Nicolazic (the one who saw the appearance of Ste Anne first) running thru August 15 and then on the 23/24 the world festival of galettes the goodies from all over the world competition. and the feast here ,

We had the view of the service Inside the basilica and follow the priest into the cloister, the beautiful room, nice cloister, great free museum expo. the monument to the Fallen of Brittany, the places where Pope John Paul II came to speak to the faithful, and the stair of prayers and celebration, the beautiful gardens, and the tranquil peace coming here brings to all, a must to visit while in the area, they all enjoy it very much.

more on tourism here,  , and the city tourist info in English,

We came home and say goodbye as the family were heading also to pack and go back nord tomorrow morning we are now packing ::) the rest of the family, so we head tomorrow first to Pau and then beyond into Spain. Until then have a wonderful week. Cheers.

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