And again Paris, always present physical or in mind.

This was the time to stop by Paris on a personal visit, as my father was leaving for Florida USA to visit his sister. Took him to CDG and of course why not the opportunity to see Paris again, alway Paris physically or in mind always there for me.

We drove as its the best way to travel me think. I know many come here to visit and use the extensive public transport we have at a great taxpayer’s support. However , doing it too especially on business trips and it is chaotic on many times. So the car is always there and who said there is traffic in Paris? I went again rush hour Friday evening and easy.

No need to tell you about links as posted many of them here already, and in fact bad of me the last post on Paris was back on March 24 2014! Paris is a movable feast, we should be there at least in mind every day ,and if physical well you are Lucky. Don’t get me wrong Brittany is gorgeous but so is France ::) 83 millions visitors in 2012 and 32M for Paris tops in the world according to WTO-United Nations.

I do not like paying tolls either so got me around them nicely and you see more, even if takes longer. We took 6h30m stopping for my father and to have something to eat. The route started on the N24 from Brittany across to Rennes, and then the N136 and N157 to Aleçon, connecting with the N12 to South of Paris, the A12 connector to the A13 normandy road bypassing tolls and heavy traffics on the Normandy invasion 70th anniversary. We arrive at our Ibis in Orgeval, off the A13, very convenience to get on the road again, gas station next to it. The hotel online goes for 35€ per room, for two and three persons great for a one niter to the airport.

The next day after a relaxing night, we headed for the airport at CDG. My Dad was going direct on AF to Miami Florida. Terminal T2F is very familiar with me as go thru it every month. We had our lunch at Quais de la Seine next to the Brasserie Flo restaurant on area 1. Very nice simple food at a good price;we ,also, purchase water and sodas at Boulangerie Paul more expensive.

He finally went thru security as we bid Farewell to his almost 2 months vacation with his sisters. Leaving thru gate L53, I Drew a map and a note to make sure he finds his way in there. We than took the opportunity to pass by Paris.

I drove as I normally do, why such a fuss about driving in Paris. if you drive in any major city Paris is no different, I learned to drive in the NJ/NY border in USA so Paris is a piece of cake. I took the A1 down the gutter to porte de la chapelle, but took the direction to Rouen and the boulevard périphérique to exit at porte de St Ouen, going on avenue de Saint Ouen to place de Clichy, avenue de Clichy left, then rue d’Amsterdam right to pass gare St Lazare(my old entry point to Paris) on to rue de Havre pass the Haussmann into rue tronchet around the Pl de la  Madeleine to Rue Royale, left at Rue Saint Honoré to Rue Cambon right and left on Rue du Mont Thabor to one of my favorite parking the old New York parking at Parking Tuileries almost at the corner of Rue Rouget de Lisle.

And bingo at our get together with some friends coming from California USA, and we had lunch at Café l’Impériale. It was nice to finally meet people we exchange travel stories in forums all over and finally the opportunity to see them in person.  Well, this is an old time favorite as used to work across the street and had my coffee breaks here, some lunches and had brought my father as well. This time I was with my 3 boys as well so nice to go out with them. I must say the service had no menu du jour because it was weekend….service was fast and attentive, the food we opted for our regular steaks brasserie style and the affligem beers. Nice time again in Paris.

We did a little walk around this area of so many years of souvenirs with this time my boys. And then ,we head back home on the road again, the road warrior arrive home by 21h or 9pm. And now Sunday is here relaxing at home as we are ,also, having Monday off as the Ascension Holiday.

You all have a great weekend wherever you are. Cheers.

 Paris  Paris


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