Locmariaquer, harbor,beach and stones!

Well it is just about 25 kms from me ,and one more reason it shows we have so much I am just scratching the surface of beautiful Bretagne/Brittany. Locmariaquer is a cruise harbor, fishing village, with good beaches and megaliths ancient stones all in one.

You have , the Bay of Quiberon tourist office at Tourist office Bay of Quiberon on Locmariaquer

The town is easily accessable off the N165 take exit direction Locmariquer then after the traffic circle continue direction Locmariaquer on the road D781. All the way to signs saying le Port.

Here you will be in city center, with the place de la mairie having the banks, post offices and restaurants. On one side is the Church Notre-Dame de Kerdro .

The beauty here is the harbor and the cruises to the islands in the gulf of Morbihan, île aux moines especially , beautiful, Unesco heritage sites listed, and what this area is all about; THE SEA.

You want to see harbors like a romantic string, the waves blending in with the landscape, eat the wonderful local seafood (yes local not imported,LOCAL), and the sites the Megaliths, those wonderful stones nobody quite know where they were moved from, a Breton heritage. Yes stone is important here, we have it all over, its in my patio, my backyard, my garden, my driveway ,STONES is Brittany. This is it can’t find it anywhere in the world, uniquely Breton, and I am glad is in my backyard!

Locmariaquer is no exception to this, you have the Grand Menhir scars a huge block of granite of 20,60 meters and weighting  280 tons!!!, the biggest stone in Europe!!!. The great tumulus of Er Grah , and the dolmen of the  Table des Marchand , offering a unique witness to the exceptional funeral rites practice in Brittany at the time of the Néolithic era. Its all here.

You have the fishing on foot into the harbor a local tradition you can all practice, going out to sea to catch your lunch or dinner, can’t explain it better!  Beaches did I said beaches!!! wonderful coves of small to large beaches stretching all along the bay, wonderful , secluded,nice family beaches. These are Plage de Saint-Pierre ,Plage du Brénéguy, Plage du Toul Keun, La grande plage – La Falaise, Le Rolay , Plage de l’école de voile, Plage Valy, and Plage de Kerinis . All wonderful but I prefer the Plage de Saint Pierre or La Grande Plage(la falaise,Cliffs).

You come for the abundant seafood especially oysters, and mussels, the oysters are world famous here. One place to get them live is at Ets Percevault right off the plage Kerpinher. The contact is at Les Viviers de Loc’Ker (Ets Percevault), route de Kerpenhir – Tél. +33  (0) 2 97 57 47 79 / cell tel +33  (0) 6 76 05 37 73, . Their Facebook page here: Facebook page of Les Viviers de Loc’k Locmariaquer

Then ,the embarkadere or launching harbor to the islands, and the wonderful shops, bakeries and restos such as our favorite, the L’Escale and, also, the creperie Sept îles All wonderful day at the coast, beach, stones, all wonderful Locmariaquer. The birthplace of the plat Oyster since 1882 with still over 30 producers as well as the Oyster hollow the most popular today. See it and believe it. Cheers.

 Locmariaquer  Locmariaquer  Locmariaquer  Locmariaquer  Locmariaquer

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