More of Hennebont by the Blavet!

The fortified city of Hennebont is revisited again, last post on July 21,2012. So after the recent flooding from rainstorms in the area, decided it was time to come back. Did I say come back, well just 24 kms from my home is like been in the neighborhood and not crossing the street ::)

So much to see I am overwhelmed. For starters , the tourist info on Hennebont is

and you can always check the region tourist org is at

The city is all by the river Blavet, that is beautiful when calm but devastating when flooded. All is surrounded by the ramparts of the old fortified town, and the castle now museum. And of course climbing the ramparts is the best way to see the city and the river below.

We found this time crossing the river Blavet on the new bridge (2009) on the other side an old Church Saint Caradec, The story goes tha the parish dates from the 13C, created by Henri of Hennebont to satisfy the population living in the old town around the Castle, seat of Kemenet-HeboeThe Church was elevated in 1732, entirely rebuilt in 1777 and redesigned in 1895. In 1901, the latest restructuring added aisles to the chorus and the vaults. Inside, rarely accessible because it is closed for at least 10 years, we would see an ex-votos painted wood and a polychrome wooden statue of saint Isidore, dating from the 18CA yew dating from the 17C stands in the cemetery adjacent to the Church.

It has great eating places but today we headed back to Vannes for shopping and then home for eating. Just another little escapade enjoying my four day weekend of Ascension in France. Cheers and have a great weekend y’all.

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