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May 3, 2014

Going north to Saint Brieuc

Another nice beautiful day in Brittany and again went out in search of new places in my new region of Brittany. I left early and went to spent the day in Saint Brieuc. Here is their tourist office link ,

The city is in departément 22 or Côte d’Armor . The founder is a monk name Brieuc, in about 580, from the current Wales, by 848 the first bishopry is founded. It seems that the Breton was spoken here for the most part of the population until about 1200. Afterward,the Gallo took over around the city, and finally French with the economic utility of it.
In 1592 the first battle for Brittany was done here in the place Saint Michel. Côtes-du-Nord was the old name until 1990 when it was changed to Côte d’Armor. There was a big battle here after the French revolution with republican forces and the local rebels chouans. August 6 1944 the town was liberated by American troops Under Gen Patton.

There are buildings of nice architectural lookup such as the Lycée Ernest Renan, offering even courses in tourism. It has a beautiful exterior architecture and a chapel with high belltower in the Saint Michel district. You have the college Anatole le Braz,another wonderful architecture building with a nice chapel and it was here that the local résidents were put in prison during the Nazy occupation. The complex of government buildings is impressive.  Around place Général de Gaulle, you have the préfecture or departamental government, then the Conseil Régional de Côte d’Armor which is the regional government, and then the Hôtel de Ville or mayor’s office (we were there while a wedding was going on!!). The city webpage ,

There is a good bus transport system as we witness buses coming and going all day, especially around the Les Champs stop. And the train of course. We came by car easy on the D768 direction Pontivy and then Saint Brieuc ,easy in about 1h30. You have parking in city center at Charner, Poulain Corbion,saint Benoit,les Champs,Raoul Poupard,Gouêdic, and Promenades. WE park for free by rue des promenades one way street as it was Holiday weekend. zone rouge or red. You can get a disc from the mayor’s office or tourism office for parking for longer periods, as Zone Blue orbleue  the first 30 min is free,then zone rouge or red, you can park for 2 hours for 1.20€ , maximum of 2h. and on zone yellow or jaune , you can park for a day at 0.80€, limited to max of 7h. Of course this is street parking , in the garages you can park longer and pay more.

There is plan to do the line TEO east to west of St Brieuc for 2020! 8 kms of lines with  21 stations ,and  2 parkings relais with 200 places at  Plaines Villes (west) ,and Chaptal (east) !  The current bus system is TUB main office at place Du Guesclin near bus terminal; open from Mondays to Fridays  8h30-12h30 and 13h30-18h00, Saturdays from 8h30-12h30 and 13h30-17h30; while in july and august closed the Saturdays afternoons. info ahead of times email; webpage at

For the trains, see this official SNCF site,

We had our treats at the caramels breton and cookies place of the Biscuiterie Saint Brieuc, next to the old Church of Saint François.rue Saint François and Saint Guillaume. exactly at 58 rue Saint Guillaume, webpage here,

We took some chocolates a ballotin and some assorted pastries such as equinox and paris-brest ones at La Duchesse de Rohan, 2 Rue Saint-Gouéno, an institution in town since 1936. open Tuesdays to Sundays from 10h to 13h and 15h to 19h15, webpage

We had a quick lunch a la baguette late at the nice institution of Maison Diener (founded in 1947) , boulangerie/pâtisserie by the boutique des champs 11 rue St François, formule of bacon goat cheese sandwich, nice pain au chocolat and coca cola for 5,50€ can’t beat on the run and eaten right on the corner of the shopping center Les Champs! people watching par excellence… the webpage

My boys got their game and mangas at Japanim, similar store in our area and they can’t missed it. Here at 15 rue de Rohan, some info on these stores and for lovers of Japanese mangas figurines, tapes etc is tops according to my 3 Young men…

We went into the shopping center Les Champs,right in city center and near the the great bus depot of Les Champs, at Rue Sainte Barbe , here you find the leading stores in malls in France,and we got some stuff at New Yorker store, here is the webpage , nice and modern stuff, cool!

and while walking the inner Streets the boys always on top in France got their stuff at Lacoste and Hugo Boss stores. webpages here,  and

Nice passing by the parc des promenades, before heading to the main Church here, Cathédrale Saint Etienne or Saint Stephen, its an old Church, rough and old construction tell you is built like a rock, not too much of ornaments but nice niche chapels Inside. This is from the area tourist office in English,

and from the city in French,  it seems these places can describe it better, the curious will find it is Norman style construction in Brittany. You can see by the Cathedral the Halles covered and outdoor arcades Inside full of produce shoppers,and on market days the outside gets full. They are at place du Martray.

We came back easily again little traffic and got some more breads and goodies for the rest of the weekend hold fort at home. May is nice we are having the same long weekends for the May 8-11 and the May 29-June 1 periods!!! Cheers and enjoy yours wherever you are on Earth.


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