My travels in the Morbihan ,part X

We had a sunny Saturday and then it became cloudy but not before having my usual drive trip around my beautiful département 56, the Morbihan.

For those new to my blog, the Morbihan is part of the region of Bretagne or Brittany or Breizh(in breton), it was created  at the French revolution on March 4, 1790. It took part of the old province of Bretagne, compose of the bishop of Vannes, parts of it on the north and east, and west on the extremes of the Cornouaille on the South of the bishop of Saint-Brieuc, and the southwest of the bishop of Saint Malo, and the Northwest on the bishop of Nantes. The word Morbihan means Mor for sea and bihan for small in the breton language so therefore small sea (coming from the famous gulf of Morbihan). The region of course, has French as the official language, but also part of the local costumes is that in the South areas around Vannes, Breton is spoken by the elders ,taught in schools ,and all signs on the roads, etc are bilingual. ON the extreme north by Loudéac par example ,Gallo, a gallo roman language is also spoken, and the road signs are shown in both gallo and French.

The tourist office for the department is at and for the region of Brittany is here

I set out in the morning with my father to help him with his errands, bank,lab for medical results, and stop by the colorful Vannes marché by the place du poids public and all along the adjacent Streets, halles aux poissons and up to the pl de la République. This is a wonderful market all visitors should plan to attend, merchant from all over the region comes here to sell their good healthy natural foods from vegetables to fruits, cheeses, chicken, beef,pork, paellas done on site, the local bakeries,butcheries and fish markets all open at the same time so it is a festive ambiance and great family time. Not to mention great buys of delicious local produce. We went for the cheeses and sausages this time, and some bottles of wines.

We are home relaxing on our shopping on our favorite stores, and having my sons enjoying the fruit of their first jobs and first shopping with them paying lol! Its Worth it. Have a great weekend y’all. Cheers.


Came back , to pick up the rest of the family, and out to see home décorations, and building Equipment to enhance our garden. The terrace is coming along and looks great, tiles of stone will be lay on top, and concrete trails will be done along the house. More when its all done and compare the old and the new.

We became hungry doing all this so decide to take them to a new place. I always drive by it on my way to the office, and always think of stopping by but time constraints left me out all the time. Well today I finally hit the place, brasserie, pizzeria, bar Les Trois Soleils,  right off road D779 in the business park ZA de Tréhuines, Plescop, just outside city limits of Vannes. Tel +33 (0) 2 97 49 97 47.  This is a local place with many town activities posted on the community board Inside, no webpage but you should come if in the area. The service, friendly staff, nice local patrons, and the food well done with great prices, menu for 13€ , read this, entrée, plat, dessert, and quart of wine or beer, or water or lemonade with great selection. I had the chiffonnade des lardons, steak and fries, lemon tart, a quart bottle of red wine, for the 13 euros then coffee for 1,25€ awesome prices and great food.  They even have a cheaper menu at 10,50€; open Mondays to Saturdays from  7H30 to 20h, for the evenings and Sunday reservation is required; the bar is open Sunday evenings as well.

Enjoy it, Cheers!

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