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April 21, 2014

My travels in the Morbihan Part XI

Today was an off day here, Easter Monday, so had time in the morning to do some house works and move terrace tiles around to prepare for the masons big work in the week. In the afternoon, we took a break and head it out for some sights of our wonderful Morbihan, dept 56, Brittany.

We head it out for the beautiful Le Bono area, just on the road D101, towards the Gulf of Morbihan. Passing by the Les Jardins de Mémoire overlooking the river Bono , a park done in 1998. It is here that many families decided to buried the ashes of their love ones, and its very pristine nice ,symbolic ,and great views of the bay of Bono. Its special for me because I have the ashes of my mother ,also, but instead decided to put them out at sea at Honfleur Normandy, where my father will go and I to follow ,along the braves. The fact that some chose this park along the river is unique and respectful.

Next on the road was the Tumulus de Kérnours, a ceremonial stone burial of Breton heritage that still cause awe amongst many who try to determine where they came from and how here??? This one at Le Bono is great because its in a forest area that once you past by it you descend a steep hill into the bay of the river Bono with spectacular views. You can continue the walk alongside the river banks thru a narrow dirt road.  More on this from the city site translated.  The tumulus or allée couverte of the rock in Kernours  is ‘elbow’ type or ‘square ‘. This form is specific to the coastal region of the Gulf of Morbihan, since only seven dolmens of this type, located between the estuaries of the Loire and the river Blavet, are known. Only the tumulus of the rock has retained an important mound that covers the burial chamber.  This covered walkway is 4 meters  high and has a diameter of about 20 meters. the entrance facing East (towards the winter solstice) provides access to a corridor of approximately 12 meters which leads right angle on a mortuary room extending over 8 meters  in length. Kernours, erected in about  3000 BC, consists of an alternation of megalithic stones and masonry panels forming the walls and the vault. Five of the pillars supporting this building are decorated with an idol in the form of “morgate’ (local name for the squid fished in the waters of the Gulf of Morbihan) treated in a style particular, characteristic of these Neolithic buildings. Scientists have speculated that it would be a from a maritime tribe totem.  At the beginning of the iron age (8C BC), a half-dozen burial circular with a diameter of 10 to 16 meters and covered with a mound of 0.50 to 1.10 meters  height were placed around the tumulus. In these tombs, in fact of small dolmens built more than 2000 years after the Neolithic tumulus, mortuary ash originally contained in rectangular pits were discovered. These buildings bear witness to the persistence of the funerary vocation of this site over many millennia.  In the 19C, excavations have led to particularly interesting objects on the archaeological map. In the tumulus was found flints, in other tombs a “situla” (small cup of circled iron copper) 2700 years old, weapons (daggers) and jewelry (bracelets of bronze). More here in French ,  as well as the Morbihan tourist site,

We past by the town of Baden, taking a quick look again at its Church St Pierre, rebuilt in the 19C, and the museum or Musée des passions et des ailes, right next to the Church at an angle. this small museum tells you about the boating history of the area and especially the aviators that came from here like Joseph Le Brix, amongst others.

We continue towards the gulf to enter the coastal sister of Baden, this is Larmor-Baden ,you come first into the Church of Notre Dame  that is a replacement of an older done in 1857. The one you see now was done in 1880. The story here goes that in 1857, Larmor is still a village depending on the parish and the town of Baden. When in August 1858, the Emperor Napoleon III and the Empress Eugénie visit Brittany, the inhabitants of Larmor benefit to solicit their imperial Majesties that their section is erected in the parish of Larmor-Baden . In January 11, 1860, the imperial decree making it a Church of Larmor-Baden, is signed by the Emperor Napoleon III. A bit on the town of Larmor-Baden,

At the end, we follow to Port Blanc, facing the île aux Moines, with the boat passenger terminal, ready to take you to the islands. a magnificent place to come any time of the year for a drink and boating, and cruising to the islands. One of our niche in the Morbihan, we come often even if not always writing on it. The city of Baden has some info on the port or harbor, here  ;the main boat operator out of here is Izenah , see webpage here

in all a wonderful round trip. As its often the case by family vote we had to go to a pizza place, the kids know, Tablapizza, not the best but the service is very friendly and fast service, back on our road D779 going home we stopped to eat and not do nothing at home tonite, break for the chef of the house.  The place is a business park call Atlanville and plenty of eateries here and shops, and hypermarket and cinémas ,and hôtels all around you just outside Vannes off the D779 road. The tablapizza site is here ;and the entertainement site is here . Espagnol with chorizos pizza, with a bottle of GD beaujolais village red wine, and cafe gourmand (créme brulée, choco fondue cake, scoop of caramel ice cream, caramel crumble mousse, and expresso coffee) or for 22€ per person.

And another day in the Morbihan went by peacefully and relax. Now back to work tomorrow and the terrace work continues at home. May is looking good as I get several off days holidays around weekends!! Cheers and Happy Easter!

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April 17, 2014

Some news from France CXXXV

Wow so much going on, to start my team of my life, (if you read I used to play as benjamin alavin player) ,the Real Madrid just won the Kings’s Cup in Spain over rival culés de Barcelona 1X2 with goals from Di Maria and G Bale. So Champions for the 19th time of this competition. I am happy.

Then, temps in the 20C here lovely Bretagne, and sunny and big weekend coming nice Easter. And my house work continues I see the light at the end of the tunnel on my terrace and cellar.

Now for more, on la belle France, and Paris especially, there is a nice American owned resto there, cool,and not expensive. Verjus Wine Bar,located next to the jardin du palais royal at 52 rue de Richelieu.   For €15, you’ll get a beverage, one delicious sandwich (choose between Mr. Chang’s Buns, Bakesale Betty and Midnight Cuban), and a little dessert. And any local will tell you—nothing beats one of Verjus’s heavenly caramel brownies or cookies. Lunch is served at the bar between 12:30 and 2 p.m. every weekday, but get there early to nab a spot in the cozy space. More here

Another good one that I have already mentioned previously but did stop by this week on one of my business runs to Paris, La Caféothèque , also offers the largest selection of coffee in the city, and it’s especially cozy in the winter time. Sit by the window and watch the world go by, or spend the day reading in the corner. (52 Rue de l’Hôtel de ville; +33 1 53 01 83 84). more here

and how about movies, cinémas, well love them ,and had already told you about the renovated Louxor and the great Pagode, but here they are again with some more.

Cinéma du Panthéon: In the heart of the Latin Quarter, the Panthéon, opened in 1907, is the oldest functioning movie theater in Paris. It  promoted the French New Wave, while also being one of the first to show foreign films in their original language. A special highlight of the theater is its living room-esque “salon,” designed by on-screen legend Catherine Deneuve in 2006. (13 rue Victor-Cousin); more here

Le Champo:  the Champo is a Parisian film institution. Established in 1938, it boasts a screening room with an unusual mirror-based “periscope” projection technology that allows for the projector and the screen to be housed in different floors of the building. In addition to being considered by François Truffaut as his “headquarters” and Claude Chabrol his “second university.” (51 rue des Écoles);more here,

La Pagode: Of all the movie theaters in Paris, the Pagoda least resembles a cinema.  And it is nicer for it,one of my favorites like I said. The building was imported piece by piece from Japan and was initially used mainly for receptions. It was converted into a cinema in 1931 and became an important feature of the film landscape in the 1950s and 60s, with screenings of movies by Ingmar Bergman, Jean Cocteau, as well as the Nouvelle Vague’s Jacques Rozier and François Truffaut. Today it features art house international movies which can be discussed afterwards over tea in the lush Japanese garden. (57 bis, rue de Babylone), more here,

Le Grand Rex: The Grandest of Parisian historic cinemas, this Art Deco palace features the largest screening room in Europe: la Grande Salle, with 2800 seats. It  has been drawing in crowds since it was completed in 1932. Inspired by American movie theatres of the time, its vast baroque interior includes a starry night sky adorning the 100-foot-high ceiling of the grande salle, along running fountains and reliefs evoking an old Mediterranean village. Its days darkened during the Occupation when the cinema was requisitioned by the German army and reserved exclusively for German soldiers. While the programming includes mainly blockbusters (and concerts), the cinema is still independently owned and just the sight of it takes cinephiles back to another era. (1 blvd. Poissonière); more here,

Le Studio 28: Dubbed “the cinema of masterpieces, the masterpiece of cinemas” by Jean Cocteau, Studio 28 opened in 1928 with Abel Gance’s “Napoléon” and by 1930, it was already making headlines. The cinema is today’s  perhaps best known for its cameo in the 2001 international success Amélie. (10 Rue Tholozé); more here,

Le Louxor:  Inaugurated in 1921, its appearance lives up to its name; a neo-Egyptian façade highlighted by colorful mosaics with floral/exotic animal motifs greets filmgoers as they enter the renovated theater. At the time, it was one of the largest cinemas in the city with just over 1,000 seats. While it originally screened French and American movies, the 1970s saw the cinema turn toward Indian and Arab films in keeping with the population of the neighborhood.  It was bought by the city of Paris in 2003—and, reopened in April 2013, proof that the projection camera is not about to be shut off on the city’s film scene just yet. (10 Rue Tholozé); more info here

Something from the old (railroad tracks of Vincennes) that was brought back and its a hit as everything touching Paris is, we have, you have the promenade Plantée; French for ”tree-lined walkway,”  is an elevated linear park in Paris’s 12th arrondissement. It starts just a few steps away from Opéra Bastille and stretches almost three miles to Bois de Vincennes. Though it’s known as a Parisian High Line of sorts, the Promenade was actually built first, in 1993—and until 2010 was the only elevated urban park in the world.  Parts of the Promenade boast expansive views; other parts such as the Viaduc des Arts feature shops selling local arts and crafts. more here,

And last, but not least don’t forget to go up in the tower, the tower I mean is Montparnasse my entry point to Paris nowdays. And, you have wonderful views of Paris ,including that other tower, the Eiffel tower.


Enjoy Paris, and France! Cheers

April 16, 2014

Some news from France CXXXIIII

Ok so we are enjoying great sunshine, and today is the football/soccer match in Spain of Barcelona and Real Madrid, you know I am a Madridista. Then, I need to talk about things going on in the world of France…

vinyl records ,remember them, I do, ,heheehe, well they are back in force even in the fashion capital of France. Some places to check them out

La Source, 46, rue Albert-Thomas (10éme). Tél.: 09 83 38 04 88.

Toolbox Records, 30, rue Saint-Ambroise (11éme ). Tél.: 01 48 05 80 16.

Crocodisc , 40-42, rue des Écoles et 64, rue de la Montagne-Sainte-Geneviève (5éme). Tél.: 01 43 54 47 95.

The restaurant Rossi comes alive with a sandwich trattoria style, Rossi & Co ,9, rue Mandar,  2éme. Tél.: 09 73 65 06 60.  open every day except Sundays . Métro: Sentier, Les Halles.  Now they have a page in Facebook, I don’t like to mix with them, but Rossi is a great place, so here it is, exceptionally for you.

and do you know the line 14 of metro is going long ,just around areas where I shop for my Spanish specialties in Paris,(tip here somewhere!) ,  the line 14 will go to the Mairie de Saint-Ouen  by  2017,now Under construction and it will go by Pont Cardinet, just where cap hispania is and I parked by there my car.

If you want a store in Paris full of headgears and music lovers paradise then go to Casquade, 58 rue D’Argout, 2éme, open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 11h30-14h30 and 15h30-20h.

Crazy Horse is coming up with a new spectacle call Désirs, 12 avenue George V, Metro : George V and Alma-Marceau.

From 22 april to June 8 at Bobino ,you have the spectacle Tierra de Amor (Land of Love), find men and women who have left their land of origin, of Cuba and Santo Domingo, from the Caribbean to Africa… Their common passion for dance will unite them and transform their lives. Stories of love, exile and of crossed destinies, are told to latinos, African and contemporary rhythms: salsa, samba, tango, bolero, Cha Cha Cha, merengue, gwoka, reggaeton…see here

See at the musée Maillol at Paris, the expo the Treasures of Naples Italy or le Trésor de Naples, the jewels of San Gennaro. San Gennaro, saint January, died as a martyr of the Diocletian persecution, is the great patron saint of the city of Naples. His blood, collected in two bulbs, liquefies three times a year, on the same dates for centuries, a phenomenon that even today science can explain. more here in English,

And finally, Versailles, will have an exhibition marking the 100 years anniversary of  of World War I, see it all here in English,

Enjoy your week, cheers.

April 12, 2014

Some news from Bretagne XVI

A wonderful sunny day in my area and home , so again took advantage and took our little ride with the family as usual.  The temps go up to 20C here today and you can see the folks out like summer is here even if not officially.

I set out this morning into the country near me, at Bieuzy Lanvaux, there are a wonderful Church of Saint Bieuzy , small typical looking chapel like so many in Brittany. This one is high on a hill overlooking the Loch plateau,and better park at the bottom and walk up as the Streets are very narrow and steep difficult for a turnaround.  A bit of history on this Church translated from the French,

Saint Bieuzy is also called saint Bihui. The legend says that the saint was struck in the skull with a knife because he did not want to interrupt his mass to cure of rabies the dogs of the Lord of Melrand. He wished to make a last visit to his friend saint Gildas and made a stop at Bieuzy-Lanvaux. The Chapel is built in the memory of its passageBuilt on a hillside, the Church dominates the village. The southern facade is from  1593 , year where the Church has been modified. The western façade was transformed when the chapel became the parish church, annex. On this occasion, a slightly protruding massif has been integrated as well as the Portal full-arch dated 1838. On the back wall of the choir is arranged a table of the Holy family. There are also two side niches of carved wood from the 17C, located in the choir. On the left the statue of saint Bieuzy is presented and right to throne a Madonna and child. Several other statues are present in the Church: those of Sainte Brigide, Notre-Dame de Lourdes, Saint Joseph and Saint Theresa. A statue can intrigue the visitor: that of a Holy Knight dressed in a coat and holding a shield but no sword. It could be Saint Michel.
We, also, visited briefly the Logis de Florange, one of the main banquet, wedding places here in the country, the pride of the area if you are holding a family gathering. It has a multitude of links for trips ,vacation, tourism in the area, here,5  .Some of the room rentals can look like this the Castille,,12  . So if we are getting ready for the summer and family visiting, this is the place we are thinking of doing it.
Last on this area , we went by the front of the Abbaye de Lanvaux, this is private, but full of history. When the local rebels ,the Chouans, gathered here with General Cadoudal (of Auray) , waiting for the immigrant breton to arrive from England by Quiberon, this is where they camp out. Unfortunately the landing was discovered , and the link up never happened, instead many immigrants 795 were sentence to the firing squad ,and today are buried in the Chartreuse of Auray.  A bit of history , other,  this  monastery is located near the old Castle of Lanvaux and the fief of the Barony,  the construction is set as in  July 1138AD!!!  By the Abbot Ruaud and Cistercian monks, with the support of the baron Alain de Lanvaux who donated to the monks of Bégard of a Manor House on the right bank of the river Loch. In the 18C a Abbey House is built near the convent. It  eventually installs a glassworks in 1824 and a smelter in 1827.  In  1824, was built at a small distance of the convent, a glassworks, which was replaced, three years later, by a foundryThe property of the convent and the neighbouring  propertys has passed, then by various hands. But the Park and the forest of Lanvaux, a capacity of 207 hectares, and the forest of the abbey, containing 45 hectares, remained the property of the State. Today in this harvest of tranquility and forest lies a gîte rural that you can rent out with a goût on the wines,

We past effortless thru the city center of Pluvigner as it is market or jour du marché, and got some goodies, and then a tour into deep country, passing by the town of Landaul and its nice Church or église Saint-Théleau in city center.  This parish Church of Landaul, having been demolished in 1862, the chapel Notre-Dame de Bon-Secours nearby, itself built around 1450, becomes parish church in May 1863. To give to the new Church a form of a cross , two chapels, one to the North, the other South of the nave are added. The original facade is preserved.

Here you absolutely need a car, you go into lieu-dits or section in the country that are attached to nearby towns but are on their own, with only tiny black panels telling you are enterings Kerlios or Kéronic etc. And it is here that I wanted to stop by living just 7-10 kms from them!  The first one encounter was the Château de Kéronic, a private residence sitting in a long one way road that at the end into the woods you come across the castle right at you!!  Beautiful property that is usually open on heritage days in September.  A bit of history, my hobby amateur but doing it for many years and volunteer and or friend of many here in France.  It is an imposing remake of the  15C / 17C reworked by  the family Harscouët Saint George circa 1860. It is still the property of this family, currently represented by the vicomte Christian de la TullayeThe lordship of Queronic or Keronic was Henry de Launay in 1427. In 1717 it passed by marriage to the Lenvos Carpenter, who kept the castle  until the Revolution. In the 19C, the Castle entered the family Harscouët Saint George, it is always in this family. The entrance to the cour d’honneur, several times restored, has a pond ; a private chapelis surrounded by  a large forest. The park of Keronic  was designed by Legendre in the 1880s, is remarkable with its land plants from Heather, rhododendrons, camellias and hydrangeas, as well as its exotic trees, sequioas, araucarias, etc… It is with a pond and a garden à la française. The castle can be seen from afar, from the grid, at the end a long aisle of beautiful trees, 2.5 km to the Northwest of Pluvigner, right of the D. 102 to Languidic.

We moved on to the other side of Pluvigner to visit another private property, the Château de Kerlois; This is even more difficult to find as there is no panel on the road D102 and we found it by pinpointing the lieu-dits on the map and figuring the grassy wooden entry off the road looks like a grand house was there. Well , it proved right as once going thru this narrow one way road, passing some rusted gate, we came across the beauty of this castle. Info you can find on the link above from Pluvigner city town hall.  A bit of history here too, of course. The castle dates mostly from the 17C (facade) but retains some elements of the 15C. At the beginning of this 15C, it then belonged to Eon of Kernigues, Squire of the Duke Jean V of Brittany. In 1607, the lordship of Kerlois was acquired by Olivier Le Gouvello, Lord of Keriolet. His son, Pierre de Keriolet, spent his childhood. The private chapel was built by the mother, in Thanksgiving for the conversion of her son in Loudun. In 1800, the castle is owned by the Bobinnec family. The seigneurie belonged in 1407 to Eon Kernigues, Squire of the Duke Jean v. It then passed to the Lestrin of Saint-Avé, the Keriolet Gouvello (Pierre Le Gouvello was born there. Converted he died in 1660), to M. de Moncan, to the the Ville-Gonan. The garden was planted of medicinal plants and a vegetable garden. It must be said that at the end of his life the man without faith nor law, housed a hospice at the rear of the Castle. The 17C marked the transformation of the Park in a French style garden. The 2 highlights of this park are camellias with over 15 varieties and remarkable charms,you can admire a beautiful cedar of the bicentennial Lebanon brought back by an ancestor of the current owner, who was Captain in the Royal Navy. Its chapel was restored in the 18C, as well as its beautiful stables. Acquired around 1800, by Armand de Bobinnec. The House is now the property of his descendants, the  family Bourjac.

We took around the woods trip ,and came back to Saint Goustan, the lovely port of Auray for a meal at one of our favorite spot and now friends ,the Créperie Saint-Sauveur. Again great galette La Madriléne, and La Lulu strawberry sorbet, before  I had the local Chouchen liquor of macerated honey and eau de vie from apples, its very old and traditional here, something like this,  , and of course a bottle of local cider brut, all for 22,75€ per person.

Finally, we gather some material for our house at Jardiland, the home,garden,  handyman deco store in Vannes , got some driveway stone for decoration, and getting quotes for many works on the tube for the rest of the year.

And time to rest, and think of what to do tomorrow ::) Have a great weekend !!!



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April 5, 2014

My travels in the Morbihan ,part X

We had a sunny Saturday and then it became cloudy but not before having my usual drive trip around my beautiful département 56, the Morbihan.

For those new to my blog, the Morbihan is part of the region of Bretagne or Brittany or Breizh(in breton), it was created  at the French revolution on March 4, 1790. It took part of the old province of Bretagne, compose of the bishop of Vannes, parts of it on the north and east, and west on the extremes of the Cornouaille on the South of the bishop of Saint-Brieuc, and the southwest of the bishop of Saint Malo, and the Northwest on the bishop of Nantes. The word Morbihan means Mor for sea and bihan for small in the breton language so therefore small sea (coming from the famous gulf of Morbihan). The region of course, has French as the official language, but also part of the local costumes is that in the South areas around Vannes, Breton is spoken by the elders ,taught in schools ,and all signs on the roads, etc are bilingual. ON the extreme north by Loudéac par example ,Gallo, a gallo roman language is also spoken, and the road signs are shown in both gallo and French.

The tourist office for the department is at and for the region of Brittany is here

I set out in the morning with my father to help him with his errands, bank,lab for medical results, and stop by the colorful Vannes marché by the place du poids public and all along the adjacent Streets, halles aux poissons and up to the pl de la République. This is a wonderful market all visitors should plan to attend, merchant from all over the region comes here to sell their good healthy natural foods from vegetables to fruits, cheeses, chicken, beef,pork, paellas done on site, the local bakeries,butcheries and fish markets all open at the same time so it is a festive ambiance and great family time. Not to mention great buys of delicious local produce. We went for the cheeses and sausages this time, and some bottles of wines.

We are home relaxing on our shopping on our favorite stores, and having my sons enjoying the fruit of their first jobs and first shopping with them paying lol! Its Worth it. Have a great weekend y’all. Cheers.


Came back , to pick up the rest of the family, and out to see home décorations, and building Equipment to enhance our garden. The terrace is coming along and looks great, tiles of stone will be lay on top, and concrete trails will be done along the house. More when its all done and compare the old and the new.

We became hungry doing all this so decide to take them to a new place. I always drive by it on my way to the office, and always think of stopping by but time constraints left me out all the time. Well today I finally hit the place, brasserie, pizzeria, bar Les Trois Soleils,  right off road D779 in the business park ZA de Tréhuines, Plescop, just outside city limits of Vannes. Tel +33 (0) 2 97 49 97 47.  This is a local place with many town activities posted on the community board Inside, no webpage but you should come if in the area. The service, friendly staff, nice local patrons, and the food well done with great prices, menu for 13€ , read this, entrée, plat, dessert, and quart of wine or beer, or water or lemonade with great selection. I had the chiffonnade des lardons, steak and fries, lemon tart, a quart bottle of red wine, for the 13 euros then coffee for 1,25€ awesome prices and great food.  They even have a cheaper menu at 10,50€; open Mondays to Saturdays from  7H30 to 20h, for the evenings and Sunday reservation is required; the bar is open Sunday evenings as well.

Enjoy it, Cheers!

April 3, 2014

Some news from France CXXXIII

Another wonderful day in Brittany with temps in the upper teens and sunny,no rain. We are hoping for a very nice weekend. I am in the area for a change. Some of the latest from France are on:

The beers of Paris, yes we have some local beers too, some were gone and now back on, such as Gallia and Demory. The Gallias is brewed about 60 kms from Paris and the Demory is brewed in Germany with the hops from France. Some are from the district of Château Rouge, 28, rue de la Goutte-d’Or, 18éme.

Some bars do brewed their own in Paris such as French Beer Factory ,176, rue Montmartre, 2éme,   the pubs chain The Frog with five addresses in Paris, and O’Neil, 20, rue des Canettes, 6éme. La Volcelest, in my old Yvelines dept 78, My Beer Company in Hauts-de-Seine, dept 92, the Biére de l’Ourcq in Seine-et-Marne dept 77, the La Parisis in the Essonne ,dept 91 or the Biére du Vexin in Val-d’Oise, dept 95.  webpages to follow:

And to along with a local beer ,why not a local fashion made here with local colors and designs, such as the following;

The Parisian label Gat Rimona unveiled two weeks ago a t-shirt displaying large characters,  American football shirt,  they are found at  104, rue Longchamp (16th). Brand Bazaar, 33, rue de Sèvres (6th); BIBA, 18, rue de Sèvres (7th).

To give himself an air more rabble, is better opt for a Paris Nord sweat. Models are labelled and packaged in the workshop-shop located  oddly, in the Marais. The company, 15, rue Charlot (3rd).; Isakin, 9, rue André-del-Sarte (18th)

Precursor, of the Pigalle store landed in 2008 by editing its name, white on black clothing. The aura of the sector has done the rest. Rihanna has several sweatshirts. Pigalle, 7, rue Henry Monnier (9th).no web it has a facebook page, but I do not put facebook in my blog.

The nostalgic Brandon and Kelly will melt on the ‘Belleville Hills’ pastiche displayed by No/One printed in the workshop Amelot (11th). Studio Store, 57, rue de Charenton (12th). Also at Colette and Isakin.  and

For travel incognito from the Porte de la Chapelle to the Place de la Concorde  metro line 12, we choose printing “river droite”. Attention: the passing to the “rive gauche” model is required past the ­Seine.

Saint Laurent, Bardot and Gainsbourg, among other retro icons appear on the creations of Rue JacobAvailable soon in Heaven Dauphine, 40, rue Dauphine (6th).

Photographer Theo Mouvras (of the Racket claw) prints his own images with a certain sense of telescoping: t-shirt “Place des Vosges” is illustrated with a decor of HLM.  high with the effigy of the Church Saint-Gervais  or the place des Victoires (2éme).Racket, 47, rue d’aboukir.

and if you are on the run like me many times in Paris for a quick sandwich of ham and butter à la française, you to go to the new gare Saint lazare, LAZARE. and if can indulge a bit more time head over to L’Avant Comptoir ,3 ,carrefour de l’Odéon, 6éme.

And to finish with something classic and way away from Paris, try to see this wonderful gardens, the jardins secrets de l’Abbaye Saint-André, on top of the mont Mont-Andaon,  in the town of  Villeneuve-lès-Avignon (the one next to Avignon) with a beautiful view over the Rhône river and valley,  mont Ventoux , and the  palais des Papes.It is open to the public now to November 1st, where nature and heritage comes together. more info here

Cheers and enjoy your week wherever you are.

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