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March 23, 2014

elections in France, 2014

Hi, today is sunny cool temps in the 9C or about 47F, Sunday is usually quiet time with families in France, and religious service  which in Brittany is still serious. However, today, it is the Municipales 2014 election, time to get out and vote to do your civic duty.

I am priviledge with my multi passports to vote in several countries when resident or by proxy; in France I have voted on every élections from municipals to nationals. First , I was registered in the Yvelines dept 78 when lived in Versailles. Once moving to this new region in 2011, I immediately thought out to register again in my new district. I did ,and got my voting card just a week ago.

So today was the big day, and my first voting experience in Brittany or Bretagne or Breizh.  First , a bit of a national scope. In France, the élections are low key, not as in some other countries like the USA where it has become a Hollywood contest. Here is all low key and politics are kept private.

First, your voting card does not mention your party or political leanings, and they are kept as private as your love ones. Political discussions are kept to the family or some very close friends. At work, we simply touch base on a general sense of direction but the détails of our thoughts are kept private too. In Spain, they are all out and it becomes very tense discussions. We like to argue there and take sides, typical of our many régions.

We are today face with 926 068 candidates for the 2014 municipales élections out of  44,8 millions registered voters including about 280 000 members of the EU living in France. All are call to vote in the first round of the municipales today, there will be a second round with the top vote getters on March 30th.  There will be elections in  36 700 towns and villages of France. The booths will be open from 8H to be closed by 18H, 19H or 20H depending on the size of the town.  Some far away confines of France such as New Caledonia or Nouvelle Calédonie, had begun Saturday at 22h, and from Sunday at 5h to 6h mornings it will the turn of  La Réunion and Mayotte.

Some entertainement aspects of the élections is the contestation or complaints that the election was not done correct, such as already is happening as I write at Corbeil-Essonnes (93) . There is the question of folks that voted that were not propertly identify to be eligible to vote lol!!! The principals figures already voted and the President of the French Republic did so today at 11h in his old mayor’s town of Tulle in the region of Corrèze . The canditates for the Paris post did so at 9h08 in the 14éme arrondissement and the 15éme arrondissement.

So far the election voters percentage is at 23,16% or slightly more than last years nationally. Where I am it was more so, no figures yet but the talk in the gym is that more people seems to be out. I voted by 12h midi here, and the Stream of folks was constant. I have a couple of pictures of the gym where the voting for my district took place and the office or bureau where I put myself in the private cabins to vote. You are advise to carry all voting docs with you as to not reveal the who you are voting for , and put in your Pocket those not in your favor ,and deposit in the urn the one you vote it for; lol!!! French discretion is at a must.

The day is still sunny and now we are preparing for the delicious meal the women of the house is doing, and then getting ready for me to go to Paris on business tomorrow by train from 5h a killer and then come back at midnight but hey got Tuesday as rest day RTT off with pay. Great, vive la différence!!! enjoy your Sunday.


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