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March 22, 2014

Some news from France CXXXII

We are continuing with good weather even thus today this morning we had a brief moment of hailstorm rains; then it stop and now sunny back up again, temps in 8C or about 48F. The work on the house is coming along, and I am ready for another trip to Paris.

In the meantime, this is the latest from la Belle France.

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express , in service since 1982 will expands it routings  from May 2014 onwards. It will have itineraries to Brussels coming from  Venise, Vienna,and Budapest, with five new frequencies including one at night. The first trip leaving Venise towards Brussels will be the 17 May 2014. It will be offered at from 2 020 € per person in double cabin and complete meals except drinks. hot off the press from Les Echos not yet on the official site here

Another first in Paris, and hear it here in the blog first, know what you eat. Eat good without necessarily eating organic. Know the producer almost almost. Responsible for eating. Eat natural. Eat committed.  This is exactly what thought Cédric Naudon – stitched design and gastronomy businessman – dreaming jeune rue.  Mouth tempting  shops which blueprints to places of culture, of exceptional products sold at the right price, a work highlighting artisans… Altogether 18 of the biggest names of design and architecture (Tom Dixon, Jasper Morrison, Paola Navone, Eugeni Quitllet…) will sign milling, covered, market bar to tapas, pastry, cheese, Korean street food, glacier or cinema around the rue du Vertbois in the 3rd arrondissement. A beautiful madness. Opening scheduled for late may, at best.

Near my old working grounds, you have the magnificent Le Salon sur l’eau, a veritable peniche boat with wonderful delights. The détails to get there are  at 5,quai Marcel Dassault, 92150 Suresnes, tel +34 (0) 1 41 38 93 73, open Mondays to Sundays lunch and dinner, with a nice Sunday  Brunch from 12h to 16h for 29€ per person ,and 19€ for those Under 12 yrs old. I give you three reasons to be there asap, Number 1: it is a vessel of 500 m2! Uncovered terrace is really fun when our friend Sun is there, otherwise we moved indoors with views on the water.  Number 2: you eat well. For the Sunday brunch (my favorite) You begin with a hot drink, a juice or a smoothy with fresh fruit then place buffet sweet and salty! Hot croissants, fruit or cottage cheese with grout and then salad. Gazpacho, guacamole, scrambled eggs, ham, chicken with Morels or even net bar, the choice is wide. It ends on a half-cooked chocolate or other sweet treats. Be sure to spend a little bit of  time to book reservation. The side restaurant, the menu is just as varied. We remember duck foie gras scallops to the griddle and the sweet dark chocolate.  Number 3: managers know how to party. During the week (weekend included), the boat is a restaurant lunch and dinner and it is not uncommon to see djs invade the boat around 11 pm. If you are hot, the evening can finish later! Don’t worry, the team has also thought of your darlings and offers entertainment during brunch, just for them. Great! more info here

Le Figaro did a story about the favorites dogs of Parisiens, they are all over here lol!!! The saying goes that if by 50 you don’t have or had a dog you are not Parisien at heart. So,therefore, I left because don’t have a dog (had it when a kid), and don’t intend to have one now, but here are the tops breeds for Parisiens. The chihuahua. you can see them at the t L’astrance for dinners. Favorite terrain: 16th (16éme arrondissement).  The bichon, tied with yorkshire. In residential neighborhoods to bourgeois tendency, it is customary to offer a Playmate to her offspring. Hundred times more affectionate than plush. Favorite terrain: 17th. The labrador. This dog of water and open spaces (in Paris, we prefer the sand color) pique a head every Sunday in the Lake Daumesnil. Favorite terrain: 12th. The jack russell. A dynamic race for dynamic city dweller. The darling of the thirtysomethings on the Pierre Hardy shoes. Favorite terrain: 4th. The ‘ akita-inu. This little dog to Wolf’s head has a rating of hell. Originally from Japan, he is paraded preferably by leash at rue Sainte-Anne . Favorite terrain: 2nd.

And ,of course, can’t get away for telling you something about the places they are most welcome according to the article. Danny Hills , 84, avenue Secrétan (XIXe). Tél.: 01 84 14 05 95; Le Cette, 7, rue Campagne-Première (XIVe). Tél.: 01 43 21 05 47. Café Trama 83, rue du Cherche-Midi (VIe). Tél.: 01 45 48 33 71. Café de L’Odéon, Place de l’Odéon (VIe). Tél.: 01 44 85 41 30 (Watch your steps around here on the sidewalks!) .Monsieur Bleu,20, avenue de New York (XVIe). Tél.: 01 47 20 90 47. Non Solo Pizza ,5, rue Mesnil (XVIe). Tél.: 01 47 04 69 03 ,Chinchin, 25, avenue de Reille (XIVe). Tél.: 01 45 89 25 06. and Café du Marché. 38, rue Cler (VIIe). Tél.: 01 47 05 51 27.

For trips in the park,when you arrive too late and they get up too soon, see these places , and . For dogs sitting , but of course, a good one is  If you need to leave for extended time, try  Actuel Dogs (Vincennes). Tél.: 01 48 08 00 97. De 20 to 150 € per day according to the room and services ask.

And for a proper Paris outifitting worthy of a fashion capital ,then head for these places. Marie Poirier, 84, bd des Batignolles (XVIIe). Tél.: 01 45 22 22 50, and La niche du BHV Marais (the great dept store), 42, rue de la Verrerie (IVe). Tél.: 09 77 40 14 00.

To commemorate the 2000 years of his death, talking Emperor Augustus of the Roman Empire, the Grand Palais and the Musée du Louvre are doing some joint efforts. Now to July 13 2014 at the galeries nationales de Grand Palais, every day except tuesday May 1 and Tuesdays, from 10h-20h, wednesdays until 22h admission  13€,adults. Not in English yet but in French will do ::)

I will leave you with my latest escapades into the culinary exquisite choices we have in France, and not just French. One of my colleagues at work here told me about a asian resto, and as my wife like that food, and I have been taking it on lately on my travels in Asia, we decided to try today. IT was a find, wonderful family very helpful Vietnameses, great service, the food is all home made on site, and good prices, prompt personalise service, and we left feeling like we have found a home in Vannes. The place La Saigonnaise, 2 Place de la Madeleine, Vannes, tel +33 (0) 2 97 68 49 80. They have take out service for 15% less than the menu carte prices. Indeed we went overboard with Chinese and Vietnamese beers, at 4€ each. then the menu for entrée, plat, and dessert for 17,90€ per person. An assortments of samoassas, nems, raviolis,papillottes with shrimp, cantonese rice, chinese fry noodles, with two distinct sauces, I had the bœuf au saté or beef satay sauce; great, and for desserts dame de saigon (coco,banana ice cream and chantilly cream with a vietnamese nougat on top). more here

Have a great end of weekend.  I will be in Paris Monday, business but meeting some old friends in the evening. Tomorrow is municipal élections here and I will vote for the first time in Brittany!!!  Cheers!


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