Special visit to Rennes.

We had a super charge up day. It is my oldest boy birthday, no 22. So won’t go into the expenses lol!! However, we celebrated it in Rennes, old capital of the dukedom of Brittany.

We started in the morning , to go get a minivan to carry all as my father was of course invited. After we switch cars at the super U store where we get cheaper rates for car rentals, we left for Rennes.  The tourist office there is at http://www.tourisme-rennes.com/en/home.aspx

As usual we took the D16 out to the D117 and on the N24 to Rennes coming into the city by the N24. We came in on market day, but were able to find street parking for the day for two euros at rue legraveren off rue st malo. We had réservations at restaurant back to the 60’s, an American diner style resto full of American icons and mountain dew sodas, cheesecakes, milkshakes, and big burgers. A smoothie, mojito mangue,club sandwiches, coffees, and great 60’s music background, a very efficient friendly staffs and loaded with locals families and students from nearby Universities. A great day indeed.  http://www.restaurant-backtothe60s.com/

We came back home, and it was still early so decided to get back with our car and go to Quimper to do some shopping. There we stop by the Zone commerciale de Gourvily, just outside Quimper on the D783 road. There are full of stores independantly line up as well as the shopping center Glann Odet, with 77 stores Inside!  http://www.centre-commercial-quimper.com/infos-pratiques ;right off the gas station and leclerc hypermarché, http://www.e-leclerc.com/magasin/quimper ;all in the same spot really, huge , nice, great shopping and good deals for our house decoration,wallpaper, paint ,etc lol!

We arrived back a while ago,and didn’t want to let this magical moment slip away with our sons and my father. Nice family outing in la Belle France. Great sunshine with temps in the 20C degrees, sunny nice beautiful , and dry. until we read again as next week is busy work traveling out of France. Cheers.


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