The wonders of the Institut de France

I once was very involved with it ,and still doing a project once a treasurer for the rebuilding of the French heritage on old buildings and castles,that have a significant impact in the history of France at minimum. The one on the palais des tuileries made me write something about the Institut de France.

right off the Seine by the quai de Conti and with a great view over from  Louvre and crossing the bridge or passerelle des arts this impressive building. It houses the académies, all are Académie Française, Académie des Inscription et Belles Lettres,académie des Sciences,académie des Beaux-Arts,académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques, Bibliothéque de l’Institut, Bibliothéque Mazarine, Canal Académie. Webpages as such

The oldest is the académie Française done from 1635. However, is is ,also, involved in many prizes and foundations too numerous to mention but are all here , in as much as many monuments such as castles here The Institut de France itself was founded on October 25, 1795.

It is now some buzzwords that the money is not really known where it goes and what it does. there is agreat book by Daniel Garcia, call “Coupoles et Dépendances” that is a must read on the subject. The accounts of the Institut are been ask to be audited by the court of accounts or finance that deals with these issues here.

The Institut de France it is said to hold over 1 billion euros in real estate in Paris at the end of December 2013 alone.  Some of these buildings are pinpointed very well and you can go and see them, such at 78 ,rue du Ranelagh, 16é, and 17 rue Davioud, 16é, 37 rue Pasquier, 8é, 72 bd Haussmann 9é, 63 bd Saint-Michel, 6é, 2 rue Crébillon, 6é, and 58, rue Monsieur-le-Prince, 6é.

All started really back in 1820 when at the death of Baron de Montyon a inherantance gift was given to the institut, and later in 1884 that of the duke d’Aumale (Chantilly). Many others follow the same gift given such as the Musée Marmottan-Monet, and Musée Jacquemart-André in Paris, the Monet house at Giverny amongst some. You take into account that of the 21 employees of the institut de France (former palais de Mazarin) 13 are pay by France! we happy taxpayers but I think all Worth it.  On top you add they own not just the addresses given above but about 40 other buildings in Paris alone, and the académie des Beaux-Arts also owns the Galerie Vivienne with its 30 boutiques and 200 apartments. The Galerie Vivienne was bequested in 1859. The park La mer de sable,the first theme park in France done in 1963 was given by the collectionist Nélie Jacquemart (of fame museum) on her death in 1912. The house and gardens of Monet at Giverny were given by the son of Monet, Michel in 1966. The Musée Marmottan was given by the son of the founder in 1932.Even in London, they own property at 8 Queens Gate Terrace, the house was bequested to the institut de France in 1952 by the baron Edmond de Rothschild to house French students.

So imagine all this richness in the hands of a closed in association where the State gets involved faintly; sure it needs more auditing but to make it better as the treasures it hold will keep us and our children and theirs busy with France for a long long time. Cheers.



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