Some news from Bretagne XV

I am on the run as will be leaving for a week to Vietnam, no time for internet then. Today in Brittany was windy, cool, and rainy with hail ice cubes and heavy rains at times, but we were out like a true Breton ::)

Something to keep in mind is to go fishing on foot (pêche à pieds) at Carnac, a popular thing here of course weather permitting. You learn to fish for clams, crabs, etc. The next outings will be February 17, 10h30 and 12h, February 24 16h15, March 10 at 17h,; and so on  admission to the event is 7€ adults: you can buy the trip at the tourist office of Carnac Plage, webpage

The best preserve WWII submarine training center is at Lorient. At the Musée sous-marine du pays de Lorient. They do tours every Sundays from 14h to 18h, resa at +33 (0) 6 07 10 69 or webpage

If you are looking for some good chow, great drinks and live music in the area then head for the Pub d’Arradon, 2 rue Bouruet Aubertot, Arradon a full line up of performers already on for February and March, Bob and Mimosa on the 15 February and Groovy Jam on the 21 February are good, more info at the webpage

In my old town of Auray, the Méliscénes festival will be on for the 14th edition from March 13-22 2014. the tickets will be on sale from February 18. great entertainement in town at different locations. Great for the whole family. the whole program from the city of Auray in pdf file here

Another great place for a great meal and all surrounded by 16C construction period; great beef, and the choucroute de la mer (seafood ) and the andouillette artisanale are just wonderful. The place has been recently renovated right in city center Vannes. the Brasserie des Halles, 9-11, rue des Halles, with webpage

We did our groceries before coming home at E. Leclerc in Vannes, and found out our favorite shopping center resto les Vannetis has close out, Under renovation it will re open as a Flunch cafeteria later on. So we came to our other restaurant the Bistro Saint Edouard, where we have the plat dessert combi for 10,30€ with Pelforth beers and coffee for 13,88€ per person, tel +33 (0) 2 97 63 83 45. For direction here is the leclerc webpage

I am looking forward to coming back with more from Vietnam, and a trip to Paris later on. Have a great weekend and stay dry lol!!!

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