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February 1, 2014

Some news from Bretagne XIIII

Here I am on a Saturday that began nice and now it is raining again in Brittany!!! My car is at the shop repairs for maintenance usual stuff,and will be in Madrid next tuesday to thursday. Temps here in lovely Morbihan is at 6C!!

Some of my favorite events planned or recommended for my region are coming up:

the 1988 Jazz Club at 27 pl du Colombier, Rennes has events Schedule such as KellyLee Evans stet, Benjamin Coum, and Bernard Allison.

La Caréne at 30 Rue Jean Marie le Bris, Brest has a whole Schedule which I will try for Nashville Pussy but won’t be here, and it is very good like hard blues music.

Espace Avel Vor, at Plougastel, by the post office follow panels,  will have the 21 February the performance of Tété, and Bobby & Sue event opener.French soul for Tété and 25€ admission.

L’Archipel, at Rue des Îles, 29170 Fouesnant, will have the great Fado music of Katia Guerreiro 20 February at 20h30; and before that the new Cuban star in France Yilian Cañizares on February 1 ochumare , she is a composer, violinist,and singer; 20h30 is today late but good mentioning that I missed it!

Closer to me at Orcade Spectacles Lorient,30 Boulevard Cosmao Dumanoir, we have the big ensemble March 30 , of the Feast of Saint Patrick, withe celtic dances, Scottish pipe band,and the Breton Bagad de Lann Bihoue group.

At my favorite site le Chorus de Vannes,Parc du Golfe, I am waiting for Franck Dubosc, a comedian actor of many popular summer movies here such as camping.6 February which again will be out and missed!yikes!

Later on February 22nd I will not missed it, is the salon de vins et de la gastronomie ,

After several years of renovation the nice Church of Notre Dame,Quimperlé will re open February 22nd.éouverture-de-l-église-notre-dame.html

The event to follow on several towns of the Morbihan is the Hivernales du Jazz, jazz all over in different sites, Nelson Veras, Lionel Suarez, Raices,Reggie Washington, Agathe jazz quartet a few of the performers. Going on now thru February 16.

Finally, at Baden, 2 Place Weilheim, you will find a unique museum, the Musée des Passions et des Ailes, or museum of passions and wings relates the story of local boy Joseph le Brix,in 1928,he does the first flight of the South Atlantic , died 3 years later trying to do the same Paris to Tokyo trip. In the same building you have the collection of Jean and Anne Farkas, with a beautiful collection of toys, porcelains,automates that attract visitors from the whole world. A room with boat models by Aimé Malry, and another on accordions by Francis le Pipec.  admission is 3,50€ adults and opens from  July 1 to August 31 every  day from 10h-12h and 15h-18h. Closed Sunday afternoons. June 15 to June 30 and September 1 to 7 is open every mornings from 10h-12h, Saturdays from 15h-18h.  Outside of these dates it is open the Saturdays from 15h -18h. webpage

Enjoy Bretagne!


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February 1, 2014

Museum or musée de la Chouannerie at Plouharnel

Its probably one of two muséums on the Chouans, the farming folks who rebels against the French revolution. There is another in the Vendée region, this one is right in Plouharnel. I am in the middle of this historic region. Plouharnel is a town on the road D768 going towards the Presqu’île de Quiberon or peninsula of Quiberon.

The musée de la Chouannerie sits in an old bunker of WWII near the beach, and surrounded by sights that tells you that this was a heavily fortified place with machine guns part of the Atlantic wall of WWII. Most of the pictures will be from this period.

However the museum is an educational fact finding beauty. Most folks think that the  French revolution was just an attack on the Bastille to get rid of the king Louis XVI. However, what they don’t know is that frontal army attacks and later guerrilla warfare was carry out in the Vendée and up to Bretagne and Normandie against this revolution. One if not the most bloody event in France’s history.

The National Day is more a day of reconciliation of these events, as the Place de la Concorde in Paris along will tell you, the concordia of people after been name place de la revolution and before place royale. The reign of terror and the guillotine are testaments of this horrific period.

This is the part in English from the Plouharnel tourist office ,

Brittany, has an old State identity ,strong, earth firmly rooted in his Christian faith, deeply rooted in its multi-centenaires traditions,
even multimillenaires, viscerally attached to its structures and his men is seen as an entity to make it disappear at any price. In order to justify the unjustifiable, to think the unthinkable, jacobins policies , particularly Parisian, will strive to do the Bretons as rebels of
Conservatives, bandits, robbers, in a word of chouans. Journalists, painters, writers… are not to be outdone, making this portion of France a land of arrears, exotic outdated and vulgar, not considering of the Bretons only that and as well as  subhumans barely out of muds of a medieval barbarian and dirty. With the union with France (1532) , Brittany will not hesitate to resume a war  to defend its rights where the case of Bonnets Rouges (name also given today to demonstrators against the current govenrment policies) in 1675 and the marquis de Pontcallec in 1719. The chouannerie lies in this logic: negation of its rights -.refusal of dialogue – insurgency – crackdown, the Central power  not knowing what to use extreme force to impose its will.  Taken from the museum text.
The war of guerrillas goes on until 1832,and the confirmation of the restoration of many rights and properties to the Bretons,not all. The museum founded in  1985 ,and open symbolicall on July 14 by  Guy Halna du Fretay,its a unique museum in France links entirely to the  Chouannerie, in the Vendée,and on the wars of the west ( Guerres de l’Ouest as they are known in Brittany);proposing over 400 items (maps, documents, weapons, customes, diverse objects, engravings from Marcel de Villemoisson, and many more, all retracing the events of the wars of the west from  1793 to 1832, showing Windows in glass cover and tables of events of the wars.
One of the main heroes is General Georges Cadoudal of Auray neaby and my former home, whre he is buried in his own property with a mausoleum his descendants open to the public. Call the Champ de Martyrs or the field of martyrs for the massacre of chouans done there in 1795, the remains are now kept in the  Chartreuse of Auray nearby.
Enjoy a history of no more révolutions. I hope that my introduction will led you to learn more of this important historical event that is still very much alive here in Brittany ,the land of the Bretons. Bretons forever , French never ::) or as the sign in Conleau says Bretons toujours, français jamais.
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